End Of Year Gifts For Preschool Teachers

Gifts Cards So They Can Treat Themselves To Something They Really Want

Cricut – crayon teacher appreciation gift tutorial video end of year

Teachers deserve to treat themselves to something special after the hard work they do in the classroom. After hearing from hundreds of teachers, it was clear gift cards were the top most requested gift idea theyll never tire of receiving. Even just $5 to cover a coffee is such a special treat!

Want to go all out for your kiddos teacher?

Consider asking the entire class to participate in organizing one large gift card for their teacher as this Hip reader did:

Weve been doing one large gift card to Amazon. Its so much easier for the teachers to load one card rather than 25 little ones onto their account and it feels like a bigger gift too.Chelsea, Hip reader

Gifts Teachers *actually* Want

Let’s celebrate the people who have spent the whole year educating your little ones.

BySara Goldstein andCourtney Thompson Updated April 15, 2022

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You’ve checked off the kiddos, the parents and maybe even your partner. Next on the list this season? Finding the right gift for your kiddos’ teacher.

Here’s a fact: Being a teacher is NOT an easy jobespecially not the past couple years. The days are long and the little personalities are strong, and yet these kind and patient professionals make magic happen every single day. I mean, now that we’ve all had the experience of home schooling for at least a hot minute it’s even more impressive that they teach, care for and inspire students and manage to do it with a smile.

Gifts For The Classroom

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Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag

  • Has eight pockets to aid organization
  • 14 different color options
  • Originally designed for the beach, but can be used in a variety of ways

Your childs preschool teacher will think of them fondly every time he or she loads up this versatile tote bag. It is ideal for the beach, supermarket, picnics, field trips, and more. Your son or daughters teacher can even use this bag to go back and forth to school. Its waterproof, fashion-forward, and super roomy. The bag is available in a variety of stylish colors.

Figure Out What The Teacher Likes

End of Year Teacher Gifts ~ zoo &  roo

At this point, youve likely been to a few parent-teacher conferences and had a few chats with your childs teacher when youre picking up for carpool duty. Show those teachers how much you appreciate them by paying attention to the little things. Do they often have an aromatic mug of coffee close by when you interact with them? Or maybe theyre tea drinkers.

Either way, play to their interests with a gift chosen specifically for them. Create a coffee gift basket with a cute travel mug, a coffee cozy and a pound of freshly roasted beans, or follow Longing for Homes example to spruce up a gift card to your local coffee shop. For those tea drinkers out there, PB& J Stories has your answer. Grab a mason jar, a box of tea bags and create a quick, easy tag to tie around it and youre set!

Maybe you dont know what kind of hot beverage those teachers like to drink but youve noticed an abundance of plants near the windowsills, or signs about health and hygiene posted around the classroom. Create a cute potted plant like the folks at A Nation of Moms or use this free printable to transform an ordinary bottle of hand sanitizer into a totally clever gift.

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Things My Students Say Notebook 690

Best for remembering the students

Teachers will love this quirky gift as a way to remember the class and the different students they teach. Each page has a place to put the child’s name, age and the date and then the teacher can write the funny, weird, or maybe even lovely thing they said into the journal.

Teaching can be hard some days and having this journal to look back on to make them laugh or see how much they have helped a student will really go along way.

Before giving it as a gift to the teacher, you could even get your child to fill in a couple of the pages if they remember things that have been said during their time with them.

MFM parent and teacher Karen said how she loves gifts that relate to students and makes her remember them, so this is a perfect gift for just that.

Kingole Flannel Fleece Microfiber Throw Blanket

  • Comes in more than a dozen color options
  • Available in four sizes
  • Machine washable

Who doesnt enjoy cuddling on the couch under a cozy blanket to read or binge-watch their favorite shows? Even in the summer with the air-conditioner on, throw blankets come in handy, making this a fabulous end-of-the-year teacher gift. Available in different colors, Kingoles flannel fleece throw is super comfy and cozy. Its available in twin, queen, king, and travel sizes. The throw can be machine washed and tumble dried on low heat.

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Everyone Loves A Good Book

Perhaps your teacher introduced you to an author who just released a new book, or maybe you read a story that reminded you of something your teacher said in class. Books can be great gifts for teachers because there are tons of opportunities to make them personal.

Image courtesy of pxhere

Bonus points: Find a signed edition, like the ones available at Powell’s City of Books. Your own inscription is a great touch, too!

Why Trust Verywell Family

End of the Year Teacher Gifts | DIY Affordable Gift

Alesandra Dubin is a mom to elementary school-aged twins and has researched teacher gifts extensively for personal use as well as in her professional role as a lifestyle writer and product reviewer.

  • 8 Great Back-to-School Gifts for Your Teacher. CNET. https://www.cnet.com/health/teacher-gifts/

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    Personalised Report Style Mug For Teacher 14

    Best for a funny gift

    If you know a teacher, you know that they may not be the biggest fan of when Ofsted comes to the school. That’s why this Ofsted style mug changed to ‘Off on hols instead’ is a funny yet personal gift. It can be personalised with the dates they were your child’s teacher, with their name and school name. Your child’s name is also listed at the bottom as the reporter.

    If the teacher is known for something in particular such as their jazzy skirts, or patterned ties, this can be added to the report where there is a rating of outstanding.

    This is a great gift to make a teacher chuckle, but also, a mug is handy and great for in the classroom, MFM parent and teacher Nimah backs this up by saying, “I always love getting coffee mugs from my students”.

    Latest deals from trusted retailers

    Personalized Pencils That Have A Better Chance Of Actually Being Returned When Students Borrow One

    My mother and I are both teachers and our biggest pet peeve are students who ask to borrow a pencil, never give it back, and have the nerve to ask for another one the next day. So, for my birthday she ordered me 1,000 pencils with the words “Please Return to Ms. –” on the sides. Literally the best thing ever, and it works too!


    Get the StarPugs mug from Little Maple Shop on Etsy for $14.99+, and the “Joy” tumbler from Kate Spade for $13 .

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    Gifts Raise Ethical And Fairness Concerns

    Legally, most public school teachers are not allowed to accept gifts worth more than $50, but even if a family gives me a $5 gift, I think about the time and labor that went into it and frankly, feel uncomfortable.

    First, I feel uncomfortable because I empathize with the financial and time stress that gifts incur . I never want to be a cause of extra stress, and being a parent myself, I know that the organizational effort to buy or create presents is not small.

    Second, there is an awkward question of whether expectations are attached to the gift in terms of altered treatment. Now, Im sure most families have no intention of bribing a teacher through cookies and mugs, but there are still strange feelings that arise especially when I receive mid-year gifts while Im still grading essays. I would never alter my grades based on gifts, but I do have the thought, How must it feel for a mother to see a D given by a teacher to her son, after she spent hours wrapping gifts? Its not an ideal combination.

    Which Gifts Are Best For Preschool And Daycare Workers Or Teachers Not Earning A Solid Wage

    Easy End of the Year Teacher Gift

    Time for an important disclaimer: I am a public school teacher making a livable salary. THIS NOT THE CASE FOR MANY TEACHERS particularly those in early childhood education, or those without union protections.

    If you suspect that your childs teacher is not making a living wage, by all means feel free to individually give them presents of gift cards, useful items, or even cash if and only if you can afford it, yourself, and if the gifts fall within the ethics of the particular school. When in doubt, ask the teacher if they would be comfortable accepting a gift, or if there is a present which would be especially appreciated.

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    Something Fun To Add To Their Collection

    Does your math teacher always work Star Wars characters into word problems? Or maybe your teacher is a Volkswagen enthusiast and has a row of toy cars on their desk. Teachers are people, too, with lives and interests that extend beyond the classroom.

    Image courtesy of Think Geek

    I have an extensive elephant collection in my classroom. One student bought me an elephant to add to it, and another made me a notebook and painted an elephant on it. I was so touched that they paid attention and picked out/made something special for me. –zaftigzebra via reddit

    Geeky gifts, like the Millennium Falcon book light, abound at ThinkGeek. This one is on sale for $10.

    Do Gift Teachers Something Handmade By Your Child

    It might surprise you that teachers love getting homemade gifts from their kids just like parents do. That special little ornament or card that a student made just for them, is something they will cherish for a long time.

    If you arent crafty, the folks at Greenvilles Color Clay Cafe or Spartanburgs Hearts of Clay can help your child find the perfect ornament or another memento to decorate and personalize. They are affordable, which is a great way to get something for all the teachers in your childs life without breaking the bank.

    The best gifts are those that students make or pick out themselves. It makes them proud to show their teacher something they have done for them. My advice to parents : let the kids pick.

    A handmade card or personal note from the parent about how I have helped their child in some way

    I once received a little hand print ornament from a student. Twenty years later, I still hang that in my classroom by my desk.

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    Dont Forget The Actual School Supplies

    It may sound cliché, but teachers love school supplies! It is both thoughtful and practical to give teachers something theyll easily be able to put to use. But its understandable if you think slapping a ribbon on a stack of Crayolas can look a little lazy.

    There are ways, however, to give teachers school supplies as gifts that are visually creative and totally thoughtful. Follow Lil Lunas lead and give that teacher something usefuland also a bit punny. Fill that jar with pencils and it serves a practical function and provides a trendy addition to the teachers desk.

    You could also take a note out of Love the Days book and throw some highlighters in a simple mason jar with this punny little catchphrase tied around its rim. Or, how about this sleek design from Design.Wash.Rinse.Repeatall you need is an empty Crystal Light container and a pack of sharpies.

    Why Youre The Best Teacher Ever Book

    My TOP 3 End of Year Teacher Gift Ideas | Easy Teacher Gifts for Summer

    You can also take your thank you note a bit further with this sweet fill-in-the-blank book. Your child can fill it out on their own, adding illustrations if they like. Or, for a truly special teacher gift, coordinate with other parents to have each kid in the class contribute a page. Thats a keepsake that a teacher will treasure forever!

    Buy it: Why Youre The Best Teacher Ever Book

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    Gifts For Teachers: What They Really Want

    We asked local teachers what the best gifts for teachers areand in the process, also discovered which are worth reconsideration. All contributing teachers expressed nothing but appreciation and gratitude for the thought and time that goes into gift giving. When someone thinks enough to give me any kind of gift, the only thing I say is thank you sincerely, says one local educator.

    Some teachers dont expect a gift during the busy holiday season due to all the love and attention they receive for birthdays and teacher appreciation week. But we want to acknowledge these important people who invest countless hours educating our kids. So, what makes an awesome teacher gift? Here are ideas on what not to giveand what teachers really want.

    Ask teachers to fill out a questionnaire about their favorite things . Then, use the list as a guideline when purchasing gifts for special occasions.

    Lisa Gipson is the editor of San Diego Family Magazine and is so appreciative of the teachers who have influenced her daughters over the years.

    Sunwill 14 Oz Insulated Coffee Mug

    • Comes in more than a dozen different color options

    Instead of a mug that says teacher of the year on it, how about a covered coffee mug your childs teacher can take right from the kitchen into the car and to the classroom? This reusable, insulated coffee mug will certainly get a lot of use. Its ideal for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and even soup. Available in different colors, the mug sports a comfy handle and is BPA-free. Hot beverages stay toasty for three-plus hours, while cold drinks stay cool for nine-plus hours. Its the ideal on-the-go mug.

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    How We Selected The Best Teacher Gifts

    We chose the best teacher gifts after interviewing eight teachers who work with a range of grade levels in various locations across the country. Using their feedback, we selected products that are highly reviewed and in the appropriate price range teachers suggested. We considered design, features, practicality, versatility, and personalization options.

    A Hot Meal Since They Never Get To Eat Lunch Out

    End of the Year Teacher Gift #DIY Ideas

    Teachers take their lunch to school nearly every single day of the year with zero days to treat themselves to lunch at their favorite spot. One of the most requested teacher gifts was simply a fresh hot meal!

    Whether its a gift card to a meal delivery service or youre having it delivered right to their classroom, this is one teacher appreciation gift idea that will surely be appreciated by anyone. Just be sure to find out what their favorite food is and whether they have any dietary restrictions so your generous gift wont go to waste!

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    End Of The Year Gift For Preschool Teachers

    When did MY era become a dress up day?

    holly7347 said:I think it really depends on the school. Public school teachers usually spend quite a bit of their own money on supplies because their budget is very limited. I have heard from teachers that gift cards to places where they can buy school supplies are very appreciated, because it means they can spend less of their own hard earned money on these supplies. But private preschools are a different situation. The preschool DD goes to is just $57 a week but they have never asked for anything extra from us except a donation to the new playground they are building. But the public school where DD#1 goes to preschool is always having fund raisers and begging for money. I was really suprised at the amount of stuff given to us from the private preschool. DD came home the Friday before mothers day with a pot holder with her hand print on it and a potted plant all for me. Someone had to buy these pot holders and plants so I don’t think money is quite as tight as private preschools. And giving them a joint gift at the end of the year might be hard for them to get together and spend it. I could see a gift certificate to a supply store for Christmas because they still have 1/2 a school year left. At the end of the year I think a gift for each would be a better option. What about a gift certificate to get a pedicure or something similar with a note to have a relaxing summer.

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