End Of Year Kindergarten Gifts

Lets End The School Year With Some Adorable Stuff

Cricut – crayon teacher appreciation gift tutorial video end of year

End-of-year gifts can be a challenge, but weve scoured the internet to find some of the most affordable and adorable gifts for students. Whether youre looking for end-of-year gifts to celebrate your students or just want something to help them relax and enjoy their summer break, these ideas are sure to be a hit! So why not try out one of our end-of-year gift ideas today? You cant go wrong with any of these options!

Are There Any Caveats To Consider When Choosing End

Yes, it is important to consider the age and interests of your students when selecting end-of-year gifts. You may want to stick with simpler or more interactive gift ideas for younger students, while older students might prefer something more practical or creative. Additionally, it is essential to consider your students interests when choosing end-of-year gifts, as this can help make your gift more meaningful and appreciated by the recipient.

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End Of The School Year Student Photo Gifts

6. School Memories CD Do you take a lot of photos throughout the year? Heres a tip on compiling them into a photo cd to give to each student. Its a perfect way to share memories without any ink.

7. Framed Class Photo If you can find inexpensive photo frames, then this idea is a cinch.

Simply print your entire class photo and wrap them in simple brown paper to give to each student. Make it special by writing a personal note on the back of each.

8. Ive never seen this idea before when considering creating a memory book.

I love how this teacher give her tutorial on using a folder as the front and back cover for a students memory book and its covered in pictures of the student.

I want to figure out a way to do this fast digitally since Im not a scrapbooker, but I love the look.

9. Gift Scavenger Hunt Turn giving your gifts into a scavenger hunt and make the gift giving fun! I think whenever we plan out of the ordinary to hook our students, it is like giving a gift in itself.

Print and hide these color clue cards that will lead your class to their goodbye gifts or another activity.

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Kindergarten Teachers End Of Year Gifts

Easy Gifts For Students

2014 End of the Year BUCKETS of FUN for my kidlets!

Use our We Had a Ball gift tag and attach it to a beach ball and permanent marker for each of your students. The idea is that by the end of the school year, they have a beach ball that has been signed by each of the students in their class, and of course their teacher.

You could also attach the gift tag to bouncy balls or juggling balls. A fun gift that students can enjoy during the school holidays.

A cute little play on words! Attach this gorgeous student gift tag on to a pair of cute sunglasses for your students to wear around on the last day of school.

Check out the rest of our :

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End Of The Year: Gifts And Awards

Its the end of the year and I can admit that Im excited about summer but the thought of saying bye to my little mustaches makes me sad. Each group of kids is something unique and special. If you think about it, our kids come to us as 5-year-olds who dont know letters, numbers, or how to write their names. And they leave us 180 days later as readers and writers. 180 days of growth, bonding, laughter, joy, frustration, and tears. But nothing is as important as the family we build in our classrooms. I am always immensely proud of my kids and I know they will do great things! So, lets talk about the end of the year!

End Of The Year Gifts For Students From Their Teacher

May 15

Celebrate your class the last week of school with these end of the year gifts for students from their teacher. Here are some of my favorites to give to students the last week of school.

End of Year Awards

These fun class awards are a great way to celebrate your students in the last week of school! The awards are editable and come in both color and blackline plus blank templates to make your own!

Memory Book

Make memory books for your students so they have a keepsake from the year. These books have a printable version as well as a colorful digital version that students can do at home or in class.

Summer Break Countdown Gifts

Heres another fun end of the year gift idea that is one of the most fun things Ive ever done with my class.

Surprise your students the last five days before summer break with a simple daily teat and matching activity pages. Students use the treats to do the math and ELA tasks! Available in versions for Kindergarten-4th grade.

Water Bottles

I love a superhero theme and these water bottles are so easy to make! Add a paper label and cape and youre set!

Superhero Book Marks

Book marks are always an easy thing to make to encourage students to read over the summer!

Unique Awards

Give your students a superhero send-off with these unique student awards! The editable templates and planning paes make it easy to celebrate your students!

Reward Tags

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Classroom Odds And Ends

Not as bad as it sounds, I promise. Think of all of the special, fancy, decorative pencils that you have in the classroom. What about colorful cap erasers? Do you have any little notebooks or notepads? Extra boxes of crayons? Stickers? These would be great to compile for an affordable end of the year student gift.

Gift End Of Year Kindergarten Teachers

TIPS | What Teachers Really Want for End of Year Gifts!

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Kindergarten End Of Year

A Sturdy Personalized Tote Bag

Teachers have a lot to haul to and from school. This gift is a simple gesture that shows you pay attention and care for your teacher, and it won’t go unappreciated.

Image courtesy of Thirty-One

I was given a Thirty-One tote bag as a gift over the summer. It’s the perfect size for my lunch, coffee tumbler, water, and can still hold papers, a laptop or whatever I am hauling around. It’s not fancy – brightly colored canvas-like fabric, but it does the job. –bwatching via Reddit

Get the Organizing Utility tote from Thirty-One here.

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Something Fun To Add To Their Collection

Does your math teacher always work Star Wars characters into word problems? Or maybe your teacher is a Volkswagen enthusiast and has a row of toy cars on their desk. Teachers are people, too, with lives and interests that extend beyond the classroom.

Image courtesy of Think Geek

I have an extensive elephant collection in my classroom. One student bought me an elephant to add to it, and another made me a notebook and painted an elephant on it. I was so touched that they paid attention and picked out/made something special for me. âzaftigzebra via reddit

Geeky gifts, like the Millennium Falcon book light, abound at ThinkGeek. This one is on sale for $10.

Keepsake Photo With Teacher

Easy End of the Year Gifts for Students

Take a photo with each of your students. Once you print them, write your favorite memory of each student, some words of encouragement, or your class motto on the back. You can even put some magnet tape on the back of the photo. Cost per student: 15-50 cents Just remember, no matter what you give your students, they will love it because it came from you.

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End Of School Year Gifts For Kindergarten Teacher

  • If kindergarten teacher is a single woman, pets such as dog, cats, or even fish make suitable companions for her.
  • Shopping maybe good relaxation for kindergarten teacher who loves shopping then you can choose gift card for her.
  • For an artistic kindergarten teacher, there are many end of school year gifts that help her pursue her interests, create art and explore the masterpieces of her fellow artists. Customize a crystal teacher appreciation plaque is perfect.
  • A crafty kindergarten teacher is always looking for ways to contain her contain their craft supplies, she will be fond of your tackle box or box.
  • Get the kindergarten teacher nice end of school year book that has some relation to the subject she teachers.
  • Prepare a thoughtful travel kit for your kindergarten teacher will be very nice.
  • Kindergarten End Of Year Gifts

    Its time for kindergarten end of year gifts. One of the best parts about Kindergarten is that its the last year before Kindergarteners get to move on to first grade. It can be a bittersweet time for both parents and students. The end of the school year is a great time for giving gifts to let them know you are proud of them. Plus, it is something to remember your class. If youre looking for some ideas, read this blog post! Here are some cheap kindergarten end of year gift ideas :

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    End Of The Year Awards

    Each child gets a mustache award that is chosen and created just for them. These are personalized awards that honor the personality of each child and recognize their unique contribution to our classroom family. Each award celebrates the child as an individual and not just academic achievement. In the past, Ive done Best Dancer, Best Handwriting,The Personal Assistant Award, etc.

    End Of The Year Student Gifts On A Budget

    End of the Year Teacher Gifts | DIY Affordable Gift

    Wow! Are we really at the end of the year already?

    It has been such an unusual year, hasnt it? With everything that is going on, I wasnt even sure if I was going to give end of the year student gifts to my class. At first, I wasnt sure how they would be able to receive the gift. Then, I thought about whether or not I could actually afford to get anything for my kids this year.

    There is a lot that goes into the gifts that we get for our students. First, there is the What am I going to buy them? inner conversation. Then, theres the thought of how much we are willing to spend. After all, a student gift often isnt just a gift. Usually its gifts and then, you need to purchase something to put the gift in. Multiply that by ____ many students and you are spending enough to fill up your gas tank. Thats the part that always stops me in my tracks.

    So, I sat down and began to think of items that I could purchase- AFFORDABLE items that I could get for my students. I thought that you might like to take a peak at my list, too! : ). So, I created this list of end of the year student gifts to help our teacher budgets.

    Here are my teacher budget-friendly ideas! Im going to begin with gifts that you likely have considered or purchased before, and then share a few that might be different.

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    A Gift Tag That Blooms

    These are highly original and entirely not what they seem. At first glance: a heartfelt greeting. In reality: the colorful shapes contain seeds that bloom into wildflowers!

    Creative Tip: Creativity is well and truly covered, but these would make wonderful gifts to mail to distance learning students. Total Cost:$30

    Small Gifts For Kindergarten Students

    Small gifts can be a great way to reward the meeting of a goal, stocking a classroom treasure box or make good party favors for a birthday party.

    Small gifts can be small snacks, toys or craft items.

    Choose a variety of small gifts to create a great gift basket or goodie bag for a kindergarten student.

    Personalizing small gifts can make them even more special.

    The links in this article to products are links to Amazon. As an Amazon affiliate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.

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    End Of School Year Quotes For Kindergarten Teacher

    End of school year quotes is always play important part in all the teacher gifts. It is pleasure to see the appreciation wording on the gift to show kids parents recognition and appreciation for every Kindergarten teacher.

    • whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me ~Matthew 18:5
    • A great teacher is a great artist his medium is not canvas, but the human soul.
    • A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils. ~Ever Garrison
    • One hundred years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child. ~ Forest Witcraft

    End Of School Year Gift Ideas For Kindergarten Teacher

    A Fun End of Year Gift Idea! ⢠A Turn to Learn

    What kinds of end of school year gifts are suitable for our kindergarten teacher? The best end of school year gift is good for teacher having happy and fun summer vacation. Though, Kindergarten teacher enriching lives by providing a warm atmosphere for students to learn can be a very rewarding experience.

    Therefore as kids parents, we should choose appropriate teacher appreciation gifts depend on the hobby and taste of kindergarten teacher.

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    A Bottle Of Nice Wine

    Itâs simple and sure to get use while your teacher unwinds at home after class. We suggest that parents drop this gift off.

    Image courtesy of Amazon

    Iâm not a massive drinker but Iâm always sooo delighted to get a bottle of wine rather than soap/pens/fridge magnets/photo frames. With a thank you card. âcjc2014 via Reddit

    Pair it with these stemless wine glasses for teachers for $20 from .

    Audio Recording Of Your Favorite Read

    This is one of my favorite ideas. I havent done it yet but the idea came to me as I was preparing this list. Im thinking that you record yourself reading one of your class favorite read-aloud. Actually, with all of todays technology, you could make a video of you reading.

    Yes, extra, extra special! Then, they could see your beautiful face any time that they wanted to. At the very end of the video/recording, you could leave a special message directly to them. What about leaving a special message for each student, individually. Call them each by name and then share a special message or memory just for them. LOVE.

    THEN, you can buy a copy of the book for each student. The book could be optional, but if you had the extra funds, this would make the gift even sweeter. Just picture your students reading along with you any time they wanted to, or just to be close to you. You can check to see if it is one of the Dollar Deals from Scholastic. Thats usually how I buy books for my entire class.

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