Fall Lesson Plans For Preschool

Squirrel Activities For Preschoolers

Preschool lesson plans Week 5 – Autumn
  • We just loved starting this unit study with Those Darn Squirrels. Its hilarious! Reading together helps kids learn to love reading and get inspired to learn how to read on their own one day. Its easy to fall in love with books when they make you giggle as much as this book did!
  • The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game is a great way to practice early math concepts and build fine motor skills with your preschoolers this Fall.
  • Check out my Squirrel themed printable learning activity bundle for more squirrely fun this October. It includes themed spot the difference, matching, and autumn I-spy printables.

Circle Time Activities For Your Fall Preschool Theme

Circle Time is such a great time for children to learn the social skills of being together as a large group AND to learn more about your theme!

Autumn Fingerplay

Autumn winds begin to blow .

Colored leaves fall fast and slow

Twirling, whirling all around

Until at last, they touch the ground .

What do we wear in Fall?

Bring a bag full of fall weather clothing that you wear and also some from summer.

Talk with the children about fall weather and what it is like.

Pull out each article of clothing and ask if it is for summer or fall?

I Spy—Fall Colors!

Play I spy at circle time with the children looking for fall colors. “I Spy with my little eye……something red!” Let each child take a turn either walking over to a red item and pointing it out or naming an item while sitting at circle time. List what they find on a chart under each color.

Feely Box

Place fall items in a box or bag and have each child feel to guess what each item is.

Fall Lesson Plans For Preschool

Let Preschool Teacher 101 make your teaching life a whole lot easier with hundreds of thoroughly developed preschool resources. This will save you a TON of time, so you can focus on being the amazing preschool teacher you are!

Here are some fall activities for preschoolers that are already planned out and ready to go for you. Youll find fall lesson plans, as well as dramatic play, song, and math activities with a fall theme. Click on the images below for more information:

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More Fall Activities For Preschoolers

11. Fall Leaf Lacing –This easy sewing project for kids is a fun Autumn activity!

12. Fall Leaves Busy Box –This activity will keep your little ones busy and have them practice their fine motor skills!

13. Leaf Sun Catcher –Your preschoolers will love creating these beautiful leaf window sun catchers

14. Leaf Maze –Rake the leaves and create a fun maze for your kids to find their way out of!

15. Fall Leaves Alphabet Activity Practice learning the letters of the alphabet with these Fall leaves!

16. Leaf Lantern With a little mod podge, and a mason jar you can create these beautiful leaf lanterns this Fall!

Preschool Fall Lesson Plans

Fall Lesson Plans BUNDLE

Inside: These preschool fall lesson plans are easy to use, with hands-on activities that build a variety of important skills! Includes 24 preschool learning activities and free printables.

You can easily put together a fall preschool curriculum with these lesson plans! Weve put together this thematic unit that is filled with literature-based activities that are easy and fun!

These fall theme lesson plans contain 20+ engaging activities that are based on play. You will be able to see how your preschoolers are building their skills while they are exploring and learning through their senses.

The activities have been carefully chosen to offer a wide range of math and literacy skills, working across the curriculum to incorporate play, imagination, science, sensory and art.

NEW! We now have fall lesson plans for TODDLERS, too! Scroll down towards the bottom of the page for more information.

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Grey Squirrel Song By The Learning Station

Dont hate me, but a lot of the educational reasons why I like the Baby Shark song are also present here, making it a great preschool fall song! Its repetitive, so kids will be able to sing along quickly and therefore be more engaged. It includes a verse about each extended family member, making it a great social studies or all about me theme tie-in. Your kids will have a blast acting as the different generations with their accompanying voices!

Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down By The Learning Station

The Learning Station takes the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb and puts autumn lyrics to it, making it a great fall song for preschoolers! They repeat each verse twice, which helps kids follow along and feel confident singing it the second time, keeping them engaged for longer. Lyrics are also included for early readers.

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+ Best Fall Preschool Themes And Activities

Do you have a preschooler? Or maybe you teach preschool, and youre looking for fun fall preschool themes to use this year. Fall is filled with so many fantastic ideas to explore. Whether its animals, colors, senses, seasons, or something else, I think youll find great ideas here. Ive always enjoyed coming up with themed learning units, and its always exciting to see the children enjoying the activities. Hopefully, the preschool themes and activities that I share will make it easier on you.

Here are over 40 of the best Fall Preschool Themes, lesson plans, activities, and printables. Perfect for weekly or monthly themed learning or unit studies.

Fall Preschool Theme Ideas For Your Sand And Water Table

Fall Theme Preschool Lesson Plans

Sink or Float?

Add fall items to your water table for the children to guess and then test what will sink and float: pumpkins, gourds, pine cones, leaves, etc.

Fall Playdough for the Senses!

Place red kook-aid playdough mixed with cinnamon in your table!

Making Fall Colors

In advance, place a couple of teaspoons of 2 different colors in a Ziploc baggie. Seal and tape shut. Leave these at the sensory table for the children to make new colors–right before their eyes!

Blue & Yellow

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Fall Leaves Preschool Theme Circle Time Activities

Circle Time is such a great time for children to learn the social skills of being together as a large group AND to learn more about your theme!

5 Little Leaves Finger play

5 Little leaves so bright today.

Were dancing about on the tree to play.

The wind came blowing through the town,

And one little leaf came falling down.

Continue with 4, 3, 2 and then 1.

Use felt or real leaves to demonstrate on a flannel board!

Fall Learning Themes For Preschool & Early Elementary Kids

The goal of theme-based learning is to offer your child an in-depth experience that allows them to explore a variety of areas all focused on a theme they love!

For example, if you have a child whos crazy about dinosaurs, you would focus on books, puzzles, activities and even an outing where they could expore dinosaurs. And during Fall, seasonal learning is the best! We have quite a few Preschool & Early Elementary themes here at Edventures with Kids. All of these topics can easily be done at home or in a classroom/daycare setting.

I always like to include books, creative hands-on activities such as a craft/science experiement etc. and a field trip with our learning themes. Ive found that using multiple learning opportunities will inspire kids to explore the topic a little more and also lends itself to increased comprehension and expanded curiosity too.

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+ October Preschool Themes With Lesson Plans And Activities

These are full of hands-on activities to do this fall. Whether you do preschool at home, enjoy adding weekly themed learning into your day, or you are a teacher, youve come to the right place. These fall themes are fantastic! Pick one theme that your kids will love, or do them all, and your children will be learning and having fun all season.

Children of all ages can enjoy these fun fall themes with activities and printables.

Fun And Creative Fall Preschool Activities

60+ Engaging and Playful Fall Activities for Preschoolers

May 24, 2022// by Seda Unlucay

This collection of our favorite fall activities for preschoolers combines literacy and numeracy-based lessons with hands-on science experiments, tactile-rich sensory bins, and inventive nature-based crafts.

What better way to celebrate this beautiful season than combining fun and learning while getting plenty of outdoor exploration time?

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Fun Fall Books For Kids

Sharing books with your preschoolers is the best way to help them fall in love with reading. You can encourage your young children to build language and literacy skills with read alouds. Its the perfect way to spark their imagination and show them the wonder and magic hidden in all great books.

This Fall, share some amazing stories together. Its the perfect season to learn new things, let your imagination run wild, and devour lots and lots of great books. Thats why Ive included lots of opportunities to read stories with your preschoolers in this printable list of Fall activity ideas. Check out our favorite books about fun Fall topics below:

  • Express themselves
  • Build hand-eye coordination

Hands on activities, imaginary play, and role play scenarios can teach young children a lot about the world around them and help kids prepare for new and different situations. A fun farm activity will help your kids learn about where our food comes from, how plants grow, and animal husbandry among other things.

Fall Leaves Preschool Theme Large Group Games To Help Your Preschoolers Build Their Muscles While They Have Fun Together

Leaf Twister Game

Tape pre-cut fall colored leaves all around the floor.

Place duplicates of these leaves in a bag. Pull one out and instruct the children on how they are to touch that leaf .

“Put your hand on a red leaf”

“Hop on one foot on a yellow leaf”

“Sit on a green leaf”

Leaf Toss Parachute Game

Use a large bed sheet or a parachute. Place leaves in the middle and have the children lift the sheet/parachute slowly up and down to see the leaves float. Try shaking until all the leaves are off!

Rake the Leaves Thank you, Karen, for submitting this idea!

One is the rake and he must run around and “rake” the leaves. When he tags a leaf it sticks to his “rake” or hand and now the two run after and catch the other leaves one by one. It gets funny when a herd of kids are running after the other loose “leaves”. When all the “Leaves are caught another “Rake” takes over. I showed them beforehand how to rake leaves and they all get in a group with the rake and stick together. This way there is more running of everyone and they stick together by holding hands or just running in a group together.

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Autumn Worksheets For Preschool

Fill your preschool math centers with these autumn count and clip cards. Crows, pumpkins, sunflowers, and leaves adorn the cards in this printable bundle!

During the autumn months, use this awesome collection of autumn life cycle worksheets to teach your preschoolers about apples, pumpkins, spiders, and bats!

This autumn maze printable pack is perfect for working on fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination with a fun fall theme. Add these fun fall printables to your seasonal activities.

Dont miss your chance to download and print this Autumn I Spy Preschool Game pack! Its perfect for counting and visual discrimination for kids.

Looking for something fun to do with your preschoolers? These free autumn printables for preschool are just what you need to teach your little ones this fall.

If the leaves are starting to change colors in your area, add one or more of these autumn leaves activities for toddlers and preschoolers to your lessons!

Fall Themes For Preschool

FREE LESSON PLAN DOWNLOADS! Autumn – Preschool Activity Plans And Demonstrations

Kids learn best when they are excited about learning and engaged with the material. One of the best way to help preschool, pre k, and kindergarten age children is by using themes. We have tons of ideas to include with your Fall Themes for Preschool. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or homeschooler these fall ideas will make learning math, literacy, crafts, activities, and more loads of fun! So take a peak at these apple picking, pumpkins, and falling leaves ideas.

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+ Fall Activities For Preschoolers Fun Fall Activities

Isnt Fall an exciting season? Fall is especially fun when you have kids in preschool. Its the perfect time to introduce your little ones to a variety of exciting Fall activities. You could go apple picking, carve pumpkins, make Halloween treats, practice thankfulness activities. Here we have shared over 50 fun Fall Activities for Preschoolers and kids of all ages. Even adults love to join in this fall fun.

There are so many things to do that it can be difficult to choose which Fall activities to participate in with your preschoolers.

Way Up High In An Apple Tree By The Learning Station

You can always trust The Learning Station to provide great songs for kids, and their autumn songs are no exception! I love the way they include the lyrics, so early readers can follow along with the song. Then, of course, theres a great preschool math component as well, counting backward from 5. And, as if it couldnt get any better, they use the familiar tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for the song, so everyone can sing along instantly!

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Fall Leaves Preschool Theme Music And Movement Activities To Get Your Preschoolers Movin’ And Groovin’

Dance like the Leaves Thank you Olivia for this idea!

Play different tempos of music and tell the children they need to fall to the beat of the music, like leaves.

Addition to this activity: Give children a paper leaf to hold, ask them to move around the room to the music and pretend that they are leaves blowing in the wind. Find a song with various tempos so they can practice their awareness of how music changes.

Forest Themed Activities To Do With Kids

Fall Leaf Theme Preschool Classroom Lesson Plans

Read: 15 Books on Forest Animals or if you have older kids, see the list of Wilderness Adventure Books for ages 9 12

Activity: Free printable forest activities

Activity: Collect a few items on a hike or nature walk and create one of these beautiful nature crafts.

Field Trip: Take a hike in the forest

Learning Item: A Map! If you dont have one in your home, try the Wall Pops Kids World Dry Erase Map or this great Educational Geography Puzzle.

Field Trip: Visit a local cultural center, have lunch at an ethnic resturant and try some new food or attend of cultural festival in your area.

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Activity: Host a fun Indoor Camp-out for the kids! Put up a tent, grab some sleeping bags and let them pretend camp great prep for the real thing too.

Learning Item: Pretend play goes a long way to teaching kids about a real camp-out. Try this fun 10 Piece Camp Out Play Set to get them ready for the real thing.

Field Trip: Going camping obviously! But if you cant go overnight, head to a local park and do some camping activities for the day.

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Activity: Choose from these 15 Pumpkin STEAM Activities for kids of all ages!

Learning Items: These is perfect to pair with this unit!

Field Trip: Visit a pumpkin patch or take the kids to choose their own pumpkins!

Read: 10 Books about Giving Thanks & Thanksgiving

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Make Your Own Nature Letters

Make Your Own Nature Letters with twigs, sticks and leaves for some nature based learning fun! During the preschool years there is a lot of focus on learning the alphabet. The alphabet takes center stage in singing songs, reading books and practicing letter sounds with the ultimate goal of helping preschoolers identify and learn to write letters! Try this!
Gather a collection of leaves, create a graph based on color or size! This graph is included in our Leaves & Trees Activity Pack

Creating Fall Themed Lesson Plans And Units

I have a simple formula for putting together a themed unit – READ + DO + GO

1. Pick a topic based on your childs interestswhat is something they love right now?

It might be a broad theme such as dinosaurs, painting or ocean animals. Or it can be very specific my son wanted to learn about the giant squid one year

2. Over the course of a week or two, share the following activities with your child all related to the theme:

READ 2 5 books I really love to include both fiction & nonfiction choices!

DO an activity or two do a few craft, art or science projects related to their topic.

GO on a field trip visit a local museum, park or other attraction related to the theme.

Many times, I have parents say that planning a field trip is difficult for them to do. If youre looking for ideas on where you might visit, be sure to see our free printable list of 40 Field Trip Activities for Kids!

Sometimes the field trip might take some planning like a visit to a local museum other times its something as simple as a nature hike around the neighborhood. The goal of the field trip is giving your child a real life experience connected to the learning theme and its invaluable when you see them connecting the dots in real life! Be sure to visit our series on the ABCs of Field Trips if youre looking for inspiration.

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