Fathers Day Cards For Preschoolers

Free Printable Fathers Day Cards For Preschoolers

4 Easy Fathers Day Cards for Kids | Fathers Day Activities for Preschool and kindergarten
  • Does your dad have a mustache, beard, or do you like to put on silly stick on facial hair? This silly Happy Dads Day card is funny and sure to make dad smile
  • Cant decide what color to make your tie? This Happy Fathers Day Card has 8 different styles of ties for you to decorate with all your Daddys favorite colors
  • This Worlds Best Dad card is perfect for fathers who travel for work or like to fly on an airplane for fun. It has an earth globe on an axis and a picture of a handsome dad with a tie.

Dads A Champion Trophy Card

Go beyond the typical Fathers Day card ideas for kids and help the little ones create this awesome trophy card for their champion dad. Beyond the trophies and medals that dad may receive for sports or work achievement, this trophy card might just be the most prized possession from his precious kids.

You will need:

How to:

Let the kids pick out the coloured paper they want for the trophy. Firstly, fold the paper in half and cut it into the shape of a trophy, ensuring that the card stays connected by the seams. Next, cut two C shapes as the trophy handles and get the kids to glue them onto the sides of the card.

Using a different coloured paper, cut out a circle and glue a bottle cap onto the middle of the circle using super glue. Then, paste this onto the centre of the card to form the trophy ribbon. Since dads such a champ, reward him with a number 1 bubble sticker on the bottle cap to let him know hes always the best in the eyes of the kids!

Title the trophy Best Dad and guide the little ones on decorating the card with some glitter washi tape . All thats left is for the kids to write a short heartfelt message and present the card to their daddy with a big hug on Fathers Day!

Homemade Cards For Fathers Day

June 10, 2022 by Sarah

Fathers Day is right around the corner. Now is the best time to plan ahead and help your kids make some Fathers Day cards for their Dad and/or Father figures. Below are 30 of the best Fathers Day cards for kids to make from around the web!

Making these cards with our little ones, instead of buying them, helps our children learn about the power of gifting our time to someone. Taking time out of our day to sit, think about a loved one, and craft him a very special card is simply FULL of kindness.

And teaching kindness is a good thing .

Whether you have a toddler, preschooler or big kid this list is sure to give you some great ideas for homemade cards for Fathers Day.

This list is organized by age according to how easy or difficult the homemade cards are for kids to make and also by subject matter.

But first, we have my FREE printable colouring Fathers Day Cards! These ones are possibly as easy as it gets. Simply choose one of the 5 exteriors, one of the 5 interiors, print, andpresto!a custom Fathers Day card for your little one to colour and give to dad. You can get the printable right here:

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Lets Create 10 Father’s Day Handprint Cards

1Thank you, Daddy

If your dad is a little sporty or loves to play badminton, this card is perfect for him! It features a badminton racket and the caption says Thank you, Daddy. The childs handprint will become a shuttlecock!

2Happy Fathers Day

Show your love to your dad this Fathers day with this handprint heart card! Paint the childs hands using many different colors . Then put them side by side, as if forming a triangle in the middle. Stamp it on the card, and the hands will be like holding the heart in the middle!

3Wonderful Dad

Sunflowers symbolize warmth and adoration. And if these characteristics remind you of your dad, the Sunflower Handprint Card is for you! The template has the stem and leaves, and the handprints will become the flower itself! Paint the palms brown , while the fingers should be yellow, as these will be the petals!

4Wise Dad, Best Dad, My Dad

Most dads are great at repairing and fixing stuff around the house. If your dad is one great handyman, get him this Handyman Handprint Card to show appreciation!

5Happy Fathers Day

Create a bowtie using your handprints! Just paint the childs hands with the color you want for the bowtie, and stamp it on both sides of the small square on the template. Paint small white circles on the handprint to make a polka dots design!

6Thank you for being my buddy

7 Youre my Hero

8 Youre an Un-BEElivable Daddy!

9 Love you Dad

10 Dad, Youre the Best

Father’s Day Neck Tie Card

11 creative DIY Father

Here are the three designs that Little Bee and I created for Father’s Day.

We also made beautiful Mother’s Day cards last month! Please visit, Toddler Stamped Mother’s Day Cards.To keep up to date on all our latest craft projects and Montessori Inspired creations, please follow Mama’s Happy Hive on Pinterest!

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Homemade Cards For Fathers Day That Toddlers Can Make

Fathers Day Tie Card by Messy Little Monsters. Toddlers can let their dad know they are tie-rrific with this cute shirt card with a printable tie. Just print off the tie and let your toddler decorate with markers or fingerprints!

Finger Painting Fish Fathers Day Card by Crafts on Sea. With this adorable finger painted fish fathers day card toddlers can tell their dad they are fin-tastic! All that is needed for this card is paper, markers and finger paints.

Handprint Dinosaur Fathers Day Card by Crafty Morning. Toddlers can let Daddy know hes Roarsome with this adorable handprint dinosaur Fathers Day card. All you need is some green paper and washable green paint.

Fathers Day Handprint Fish Card by Little Pinch of Perfect. Help your toddler make adorable little handprint fish for this Fathers Day Card. All you need is some washable paint, colored paper and this free printable.

. This printable Fathers Day card could not be any easier! Just print it out and help your toddler make a high five hand print with some washable paint.

Fathers Day Rocket Card

Tell pops you love him to the moon and back with this Fathers Day rocket card idea for kids! Its also a way to let him know that to you, hes out of this world. This rocket card is simple yet fun to make! Those with older tots can let them practise using the scissors and cutting the shapes out, while the younger ones can help out by sticking them at the right place!

You will need:

How to:

First, fold a black A4 coloured paper into half this will be your card. Next, measure 4.5 inches and 2.5 inches and fold the paper down at the 2.5 inch mark. Draw a line where the paper folds down and cut the rectangle out. Glue one side of the paper on the centre of the black card.

Then, cut three small circles and two triangles out from an orange coloured paper and a larger triangle out from a red coloured paper. Glue the three circles in a row on the yellow rectangle, the small orange triangles on the sides of the rectangle, and the red triangle on the bottom of the yellow rectangle. Afterwards, cut two stars out from a glitter foam sheet and glue them onto the black card. On the bottom of the black card, below the yellow rectangle, use a pencil to mark out a row of circles, and use a single holepuncher to punch holes accordingly.

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Fathers Day Cards For Kids To Make To Celebrate Dad

Inside: Celebrate Dad by creating one of these handmade Fathers Day cards for kids to make.

Fathers Day with young kids is such a fun way to help remind Dad how much he means to the family.

And since its in the summer and the kids are home all day, its a great excuse to do a small craft and banish boredom for the day!

Below Ive gathered together 12 of the cutest, coolest and totally Dad-approved Fathers day cards for kids to make.

Theres a card for every type of Dad so scroll down to find the perfect one for your family.

Free Printable Fathers Day Cards To Color

Fathers Day Cards – 5 Fathers day crafts for kids

Whether you forgot to grab a fathers day greeting card at the store, or your kids want to make Daddy a homemade card, you will love our 11 different Printable Fathers Day Cards to choose from. Dads do so much for our families it is only fitting that at least once a year we take the time to tell them how much we love Dad, how much we appreciate all he does for our family, and set aside a day just for celebrating the Fathers we are blessed to have in our lives. Choose your favorite free printable fathers day cards and decorate it with crayons, markers or colored pencils. After you colour the Fathers Day Card, add your name or a sweet message and you are ready for Happy Fathers Day! Use this free fathers day cards with toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, and up!

In our family, my husband likes to grill steaks I make him one of his favorite pies. Then we hang out in the backyard all day playing a variety of games, basketball, and just enjoying one anothers company. If it is raining we love playing board games together! Some of our favorites are Hearts, Carcassonne, Catan, and Ticket to Ride. Then the kids go to bed promptly so he gets some quiet time too =)

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Printable Fathers Day Cards For Kids To Make

1. This Fathers Day card from Its Always Autumn prints out onto one sheet of paper, then you can fold it into a mini book! Kids can color it in and add notes to make a very sweet card for Dad:

2. Another printable book for Dad. From Eighteen 25:

3. Have your little one fill out this All About Dad printable from Its Always Autumn. The answers are guaranteed to make Dad smile.

Cute Fathers Day Cards For Kids

If you are looking for DIY Fathers Day cards, weve got some fun and really cute ideas for kids to hand-make something special for their favorite Pop!

Does the father in your life play golf? Grill in the backyard? Does he love baseball? Or maybe he wears a tie to work every day? Here are some wonderful handmade Fathers Day card ideas for kids to make for the Dad, Grandpa, Stepfather, and any other dad that they love and would like to celebrate!

18 DIY Fathers Day Card Ideas to Make

6. Light Up Fathers Day cards Left Brain Craft Brain

These fathers day cards are perfect for kids and dads who love Star Wars and only take a few minutes to assemble.

7. DIY Punny Rocket Card All for the Boys

If youre looking for a cute, easy DIY Fathers Day card that is a little punny this is it! A cute craft that the kids can put together with a fun phrase on the inside.

8. Easy Lion card for Dad Simple Everyday Mom

Make this easy and cute lion card craft with the kids to give to Dad for Fathers Day or his birthday!

9. DIY Baseball Pop-Up Card Soccer Mom Blog

A home-run hit! Dad will LOVE this kid-made baseball glove Fathers Day card! The perfect keepsake for the sports-loving dad!

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Fathers Day Gifts Preschoolers Can Make

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Kids love making things for their dads for Fathers Day. It seems like its a lot easier to think of gifts for mom than gifts for dads. Here is a great list of awesome Fathers Day gifts preschoolers can make themselves. Its great to celebrate holidays and special days in daycare with kids.

Dads love getting gifts their kids are excited to give them. Everyone loves when their child spent time thinking of them. There are a few things you can help your kids make for dad that will be cherished for years to come too.

My husband said he loves getting homemade gifts from our daughter. He thinks they are so sweet, even still when shes grown.

And what kid wouldnt want to do this super fun scavenger hunt for Fathers day with dad?

Fathers Day Card Ideas For Kids

16 Printable Father

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In todays post: Looking for something your kids can make for Dad? Check out this list of Fathers Day card ideas and gift ideas kids can make.

The very best Fathers Day gifts are ones the kids can make themselves, right? Dads always love the adorable cards or cute drawings that he can hang up at work or keep in his bedside table for times when he needs a smile. So today Im sharing 20 sweet Fathers Day card ideas that kids can make . There are even some ideas that preschoolers and toddlers can help make!

Note: if youd like to pin an individual project, please click through to the original post to do so. Feel free to pin the collage image above to remember where to find all these ideas in one place.

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Handmade Fathers Day Cards

Turn you childs handprint into a cute minion card craft for Dad.

This rocket Fathers Day card is a fun craft kids will love creating! Make it from paper or color it in!

If Dad loves Star Wars, use this Baby Yoda card craft to tell him, Yoda Best Dad!

Tell Dad theres no lion, hes the best with this easy lion card craft.

Happy Fathers Day Mug Card

Who said a happy Fathers Day card can only be designed on paper? Get creative with your kids and create this easy last-minute card idea on a mug! This is a practical gift for dad who gets to enjoy his daily cuppa with a unique mug with hand drawn designs by his little ones. Were sure dad will be showing it off to everyone in the office!

You will need:

  • Acrylic paint markers

How to:

While you can use any mugs to create this Fathers Day card idea for kids, we highly recommend going for mugs that are white or of a lighter colour to ensure the kids drawings can be easily seen. The Wilmax Porcelain Mug makes for a great mug card thanks to its smooth white design. For the mug drawings, use Non-Toxic Acrylic Paint Markers which are also permanent and waterproof. Let the kids draw a picture of dad on the mug and pen down some of their heartfelt words for the greatest man in their life! Once they have completed their masterpiece, let the mug air dry before wrapping it up for dad.

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Easy Fathers Day Cards For Kids To Make

1. Handprint Golfer Card

This is a bright and easy card that even two year olds can help with! Their little handprints will look adorable on the card! While you have to do the cutting, kids can help with gluing and placement. You can use a straw instead of the golf pick.

2. Scribble Card

Any child who knows how to scribble can make this card! All you need to do is the prep work cutting letters and taping the paper down, then letting your toddler go crazy scribbling with all her crayons! Peel off the tape, and you have a masterpiece!

3. Monkey Handprint Card

This is a unique use of handprints to make a little monkey! This card will require painting your childs fingers, which hes sure to love!! Some more paint and googly eyes and you have a cute little monkey! If your child is a preschooler, get him to write the message too.

4. I Love You Sign Language Card

This is a lovely little card whose beauty lies in its simplicity! Cut out your toddlers handprint in colored paper and ask her to stick it on plain card. Show her how to fold the fingers and see if you can get her to write I love you!

5. Love you Bunches Card

It really doesnt get easier than this!! Get your toddler to dip his thumb in some paint and print on a plain card as you guide him. Once you have enough grapes, paint some vines and get him to write at least the word Dad!!

6. Sunshine Dad Card

7. Fathers Day Fish Card

8. Bow Tie Pasta Card

9. Rocket Footprint Card

10. Tie and Shirt Card

Fathers Day Cards Ideas

4 Father’s Day Crafts For Kids | Fun and Easy Father’s Day Cards for Preschoolers

This fathers day fishing card idea is super cute

Try a bit of art when making a Fingerprint Monkey Card and cleverly title it I Love Hangin With You

Grab this free fathers day printable and make a 5 Things I Love About My Dad fathers day card.

I would have never thought about this fathers day card idea with tape resist coloring!

Handmade art is always a great thought! Love this Im Hooked On Daddycard idea.

Got a starwars fan for a Dad? Make him this super cute Handprint Yoda Fathers Day Card idea!

This one hast turned into a classic idea. Everyone needs to make it at least once. See how to make the I love you this much hand card.

My kids LOVE sticking stuff so this Colorful fish card is perfect for their creative art for fathers day needs.

The Tie and shirt card requires a bit of folding but kids are easily have fun coloring on this one.

I just love this adorable Fathers Day Cork Printable!

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