Free Preschool Resources For Parents

Scholastic Learn At Home

Online learning: lesson 1(letter Aa) for preschoolers and kindergartens

Scholastic’s new Learn at Home website offers free daily courses for kids. Each daily lesson includes age-appropriate writing, reading, and enrichment activities, and they’re even offering virtual field trips. My son enjoyed this week’s focus on spiders, and even I learned some new facts about arachnids from the short educational video.}

Access the lessons at Scholastic

Tiler Peck Ballet Classes

If your child has always wanted to take ballet class with a famous ballerina, now is their chance. Tiler Peck, principal dancer at New York City Ballet, is teaching daily ballet classes every day at 1 pm EST via Instagram Live. Throw on a pair of ballet slippers and join in as she takes dancers through basic stretching and ballet positions. She even throws in some pointe work at the end for more advanced dancers.

Which Program Is Right For Me

If you have questions specific to individual programs, contact the program directly.

Not sure what program is best for your family? Would you like to learn about other preschool options in your community? In addition to the free preschool options described above, programs that are part-time , connected to churches and use a religious curriculum, and parent cooperatives exist in many communities. Pollywog program consultants are available to help you sort through the options . To reach a consultant call 541-917-4884 or complete the form at the bottom of this page.

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The Metropolitan Opera Free Student Streams

The Metropolitan Opera is bringing the magic of some of the world’s most famous operas right to your computer screen. Their free Student Stream program offers a week-long education program for kids, with engaging ways to learn about the opera, as well as materials like illustrated synopses, coloring pages, and live sessions with featured artists from the productions. Upcoming programs include Hansel and Gretel, Carmen, and The Merry Widow.

Access the Student Stream at

Yours Free 4 Weeks Of Preschool Curriculum

Parent Handouts vol. 1
So easy to follow anyone can teach preschool with just 5 minutes of prep time! YES, even you!

PRESCHOOL.ORG supports those serving preschoolers by putting every resource they need in one place so they can save time and money. We are the one-stop resource for preschool parents, teachers, directors, and owners with 700+ articles on parenting tips, teacher strategies, business info, and the 50 best preschool activities for every preschool theme! We aim to simplify preschool so everyone can understand and implement best practices. So, whether youre raising a preschooler, teaching preschoolers, running a program that serves preschoolers, or wanting to start a preschool PRESCHOOL.ORG is here to serve you!

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National Association Of Education For The Young Child

The National Association of Education for the Young Child promotes high quality early education through policy and research. It is the go-to professional resource for anyone working in the early childhood education field. Through NAEYC you can find professional development opportunities and research-based articles written with the teacher in mind. NAEYC also has the only national accreditation for early childhood programs.

Exploring Art Creativity & Sensory Skills

Happy Hooligans is run by Jackie Currie, who has run a private daycare for more than 20 years. She started the website to share learning activities shes developed, all of which are geared toward artistic expression and sensory play. Her site also includes a collection of recipes as well as parenting advice.

Hands on as We Grow offers a plethora of activities aimed at craft and art projects, sensory play and development of fine and gross motor skills.

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L’il Maestros Online Music Classes

Older kids who want to use their time at home to learn to play an instrument can take advantage of Ausounds L’il Maestros online music classes. The five week sessions are totally free, and teach guitar, piano, percussion, music theory, improvisation, and more. The classes also feature special appearances by famous musicians as well as industry experts. The live virtual lessons air every weekday at 3 p.m. EST.

Take A Virtual Field Trip

Free Back to School Resources for Teachers and Parents

21. The Nature Conservancy helps kids feel like they are out of the house with these virtual field trips. Your child can explore the coral reef in the Dominican Republic, a coastal temperate rainforest and the great forests of China.

22. San Diego Zoo has free live cams of their animals. Some of the animals your child can watch include polar bears, elephants, giraffes, apes , koala bears, tigers, penguins and pandas.

23. National Geographic has created a variety of age-appropriate resources for children. Their Learn at Home page encourages children to explore the outside world safely . Also available are Explorer Classrooms, where scientists and researchers show their everyday life and introduce children to the world of science. Parents can also check out NatGeo@Home, a hub filled with learning resources including science experiments, quizzes and videos.

24. The Central Caribbean Marine Institute lets you go on a virtual tour of the Caribbean reefs. Children can learn more about being a scientist and how to protect the sea and its creatures. The beautiful views of the ocean can help your family feel like you are on vacation.

The upcoming weeks and months might be a challenge. But by using these 24 free resources, you can keep your child active and learning independently.

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Tools & Resources For Preschool Teachers

Working with young children, and being responsible for their safety and education, is an enormous job. It certainly isnt for everyone. Even those who love working with young children and provide quality care and education do not do it completely on their own. They know to seek out tools and resources to help make their job easier.

Develop Gross Motor Skills

Developing motor skills includes two different skills: gross motor development and fine motor development. Large muscles develop before smaller ones. Therefore, its important to develop gross motor skills with your preschoolers before attempting to focus on fine motor skills which use smaller muscles.

There are lots of fun activities you can engage in with your preschoolers to help develop these important motor skills for learning! Try some of our favorite gross motor activities:

  • Red Light, Green Light

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And 16 Virtual Tours Of The Musee D’orsay Solomon R Guggenheim Museum And National Gallery Of Art

Don’t let being stuck at home prevent your kids from learning about artistic masterpieces. Use some of the time you have allotted for art class to take a virtual tour of the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. Explore the galleries and famous artworks by renowned artists, such as Van Gogh, Renoir, and Cézanne. If your kids are more into modern art, opt for a tour of New York’s Guggenheim Museum, or check out the offerings from The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

Free Educational Resources For Parents To Help Their Children

how to teach kids to read preschool,kindergarten reading strategies for ...

Support your child and make learning fun! Prodigy is the ultimate educational resource for kids and parents.

Developmental milestones, physical and mental health, nutrition, safety the list of things parents have to worry about each day often feels like it goes on and on… and on.

If staying on top of your childs education feels like another overwhelming addition to your to-do list, having a toolkit of online educational resources can make all the difference especially as we continue to adjust to virtual learning requirements brought on by the pandemic.

Our list of 40 free and easy-to-reference learning resources for any grade level was built to help you support your childs learning and well-being, even as they evolve. Check out each category below!

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Online Resources For Parents To Help Kids Learn

School closures and the quick switch to online learning during the coronavirus pandemic left many parents suddenly at the forefront of their childs learning.

But whether your child is still learning at home, back in school or a little bit of both, parental involvement in education is always beneficial for your childs development. You just need the right tools to help get you there!

Use the seven online resources below to help you navigate your childs educational needs and help them progress to the next learning level. A+ for teamwork!

Prodigys mission is to help all students around the world LOVE learning.

It provides fun, curriculum-aligned learning opportunities for kids from 1st to 8th grade, including products like:

  • Prodigy Math Game for kids to practice and advance in math concepts through an adventure-filled video game.
  • Prodigy Math Tutoring for online 1:1 learning sessions from real teachers, with lesson plans tailored to each students needs.
  • Premium Membership packages that offer extra in-game features for kids plus bonus tools like personalized printable worksheets, video lessons and more.
  • NEW Prodigy English game to help kids practice reading and language skills through fun, interactive adventures.

On top of all this, your free parent account lets you track your childs learning progress as they learn and build new skills!

Lets Make Things Happen

TeachKloud helps early childhood educators reduce paperwork, implement high-quality learning experiences for children and their families through our easy to use management, communication and compliance app!

Our mission is to support educators in providing quality early childhood learning experiences for children, no matter who they are or where they come from

Wendy Oke

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Free Coloring Sheets And Craft Ideas

18. All Kids Network has worksheets, color pages, hidden pictures, mazes, and dot to dot pictures available for free. Included on the site are more than 1000 craft ideas that you can do together with your child on the weekends or during a work break.

19. You Can Draw is perfect for kids who want to practice their artistic skills. Jarrett Lerner has blank comic book pages, Finish This Comic! comics and drawing/writing prompts to get your childs brain moving creatively.

20. Crayola has every type of coloring page available for free downloads. You can find plants, animals, places, popular TV characters, words and letters, Disney characters and more.

Free Preschool Curriculum For Homeschool Prek

Online learning: lesson 2 (letter Bb) for preschoolers and kindergartens

Are you thinking about homeschool? More and more families are choosing to homeschool their children. Homeschooling for preschool is a great option for many. Beginning homeschool preschool gives you the opportunity to explore learning with your kids through hands-on activities, great books, and lots of play. But what is the best free preschool curriculum to use at home?

There are a variety of free preschool curriculum options you can use to help you meet your preschool education goals. Are you ready to learn more about what to teach and how to teach preschool at home? Keep reading to learn more and get some tips from the pros for homeschooling pre-k with your kiddos.

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Thames & Kosmos Science At Home

Thames & Kosmos, the company behind lots of popular at-home science kits, has introduced a new Science at Home portal. Filled with downloadable instructions for DIY science experiments, as well as fun instructional videos, Science at Home offers lots of resources for kids who are missing out on time in the school science lab.

Start experimenting at Thames & Kosmos

Csc Head Start Of Lincoln County

Providing free preschool education for kids ages 3-5, your child will learn and explore in a top-rated, nurturing environment. Using a whole child approach, we consider every students educational, health, family, and social needs. Your child deserves a Head Start in life, and we invite you to join us!

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We Are Knitters Knitting Classes

The popular We are Knitters brand of kits has launched a series of knitting classes designed just for kids. Hosted by children’s knitting teacher Miss Alexandra Mpassy, the weekly classes teach step-by-step knitting basics, adding a new technique every week. The short videos are charming and easy to follow and will turn your crafty kid into a master knitter in no time. Plus, knitting is good for small motor skills and counting.

Get Started With Free Preschool Curriculum


Getting started with homeschooling can feel overwhelming at times. Sometimes having a preschool curriculum thats ready to go is all you need to help you get started on your homeschool preschool journey. Fortunately, there are a few free preschool curriculums you can access online to help you get started on the right foot.

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Children’s Museum Of Manhattan

My kids _love_ the Children’s Museum of Manhattan , so I’m not surprised to see that their virtual offerings are almost as awesome as visiting in person. The new CMOM at Home features daily activities for kids that are easy and fun to do at home. Each day of the week has a theme, like Magical Monday and Artsy Thursday, and activities of all different types are pegged to these themes. While many of the projects are designed for little kids to do alongside a parent, older kids may enjoy doing them independently.}

Visit CMOM at Home

Early Learning Resources For The Transition To Kindergarten

We can help build healthy brains in children by providing fun and engaging early learning experiences.

  • Activities you can do at home with your preschooler
  • Turn any walk into a Nature Walk
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    Child Growth And Development

    From birth to age 5 is an incredibly exciting time of growth and development. It is during these early years when children develop the foundations for social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive growth. During these years, you may also have many questions about your childs development.

    How do I know if my child is developing typically?

    Children develop in similar patterns at similar times, and typically go through a sequence of accomplishments However, each child is unique and will therefore learn, grow and reach milestones according to their own timeline. Knowing when to be concerned and when not to be is important for parents and family members. Your childs pediatrician is your partner in determining whether or not your child is developing typically. The Center for Disease Control has a wealth of information about child development and developmental milestones. To learn more, or to see how your child is progressing, .

    Virginiaâs Early Learning and Development Standards

    The ELDS are a reference to help caregivers and educators understand what most children are able to know and to do, across different areas of development, by a given age. The document describes development across five overlapping age bands.

    • Approaches to Play and Learning

    • Social Emotional Learning
    • Communication, Language, and Literacy Development

    • Health and Physical Development
    • Cognitive Development

    Learn the Signs. Act Early.

    Who do I contact to have my child screened?

    Your rights under IDEA

    Emotional And Physical Care

    Milestones Matter for Families!

    High-quality learning opportunities are so much easier to find when mental and physical health are taken care of.

    Use these resources to help you take a positive parenting approach and support your childs well-being as they continue their educational journey.

    This program offers state-administered funding to help families access financial assistance or services like childcare or job assistance.

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    Choosing Quality Child Care

    Choosing quality child care is one of the most important decisions youâll ever make as a parent. Licensing is the first step in quality care. Quality child care impacts how children learn, think, develop and behave promotes social and emotional skills promotes self-esteem and confidence encourages curiosity and love of learning prepares children for school strengthens math and reading skills and increases probability of attending college.

    When you select a licensed care provider in Virginia, you are selecting a qualified professional in the field of early education with a commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment for children by demonstrating compliance with regulations.

    What is the difference between licensed versus unlicensed and unregistered care?

    Licensed child day care programs can be offered in a child day center or in a family day home. They have an initial inspection and two unannounced inspections per year. Additional inspections are conducted as a result of violations and/or complaints. They have requirements for background checks, education, training/orientation, and health and safety standards.

    Unlicensed and unregistered child day care programs do not have any of the following requirements or safeguards to protect vulnerable children: background checks, training/orientation, or health and safety requirements and only minimal Code of Virginia requirements apply.

    Who inspects early care and education programs?

    Categories of care include:

    Start Your Childs Schooling With Jumpstarts Preschool Resources

    Theres no better way to begin preschoolers on their academic journey than with JumpStarts fun preschool resources. The fun-filled activities, worksheets and lesson plans are designed to ensure that the young ones enjoy their lessons and develop a love for learning that will stay with them as they grow older. JumpStart covers topics like letter and number recognition, alphabet sounds, counting, shapes, colors and patterns. Through these topics, your kids begin to make sense of their surroundings and prepare themselves for the more advanced topics that they will be learning in the coming years.

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    Technology And Apps For Online Learning Support

    After COVID-related school closures, many parents needed quick, easy access to technology aimed at supporting the full spectrum of their childs growth. But online learning is, and will remain, relevant and necessary.

    Support for online learning can come in many forms. In the last year, many parents turned to trusted support groups on social media to find other caregivers to share tips and tricks with. Online school communities aimed at assisting parents can also be very helpful.

    Check out these 11 technology suggestions to help your child with virtual learning.

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