Fun Math Games For Preschoolers

Elementary Math Activity #: 24

Fun Math Game for Kindergarteners l ABCmouse l Fall 2022

Older elementary students who have begun working with division and multiplication will enjoy using a deck of cards to play 24. This is a simplified version of Its In the Cards for children who dont have a sibling or friend to play with. Its also an easier version of the Countdown game above, so if that game seems too advanced for your learners, try this one instead!

How to Play

  • Remove all of the face cards from the deck except for the aces. Shuffle the remaining cards and place them face down on a table.
  • Draw four cards from the deck and lay them out face up.
  • The objective is to make 24 using only the numbers on the 4 selected cards using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • If your child cant get to 24 with the selected cards, discard those to the bottom of the deck and select 4 more to try again.
  • Like many of the pen-and-paper games on our list, 24 is customizable so you can make it as complex or simple as youd like. You can also incorporate writing into this activity by having your child write out the equations they used to get 24, or make it more challenging by changing the number of cards they use! This game is usually played solo, but you can make it competitive as well. Just start a timer and see who can get to 24 the fastest!

    Check out this video tutorial for a full demonstration of how to play 24.

    Preschool Math Activity #: Simple Finger Game

    Kids love tactile activities, so why not use that to your advantage? Heres how to play a simple finger game to help your child learn and understand arithmetic.

    • Combining and taking apart sets

    How to Play

  • Hide your hands behind your back.
  • Chant this rhyme together with your child: Fingers, fingers, 1,2,3, how many fingers do you see?
  • Reveal your hands holding up a few fingers on each hand. For instance, show two fingers on your right hand and three fingers on your left hand.
  • You can do this over and over, holding up different numbers of fingers and combinations on each hand. To make the game a little more challenging, ask your child to use both hands and show five in a different way. You can also ask them to use their fingers to show you one more or one fewer than the number of fingers you held up. As your child gets older and has more practice, you can ask them how many fingers you are not raising.

    Check out this website for more free math games for kids that use finger counting.

    Online Math Games For Kids

    Math can be hard sometimes, and it can be difficult for different types of learners at different stages. But playing games with math in them is different! Games are fun, and they don’t take themselves too seriously. This means that they’re a great way to develop necessary math skills without feeling like you’re doing work at all.

    Fun math games online add meaningful challenges to your childâs math practice which are both age and grade appropriate. Math learning games are visually pleasing and engage your childâs sensibilities in the best way possible.

    These games include subtraction games, addition games, measurement games, counting games, number sense games, place value games, algebra games and much more that cater to all ages from preschoolers to K-5.

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    Hold A Shape Scavenger Hunt

    Kindergarten math students are learning to recognize shapes in their environment and also to categorize and sort. This scavenger hunt does it all! Send them out to find objects in the room that match the shapes. Then count and compare to see how many you have in each category.

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    They Encourage Kids To Have Fun With Math

    More Counting Numbers and Monkey Balance Cool Math Game Preschool ...

    One of the reasons we love math games is because they allow kids to engage with math concepts in a fun and interactive way. This is important because it helps children develop a love for math early on.

    You may sometimes hear words or phrases like, Math isnt for everyone casually thrown around in conversations. We disagree! Allowing kids to engage with math from a preschool level can help them realize that the more they practice math, the more exciting and fun it will become.

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    + Of The Best Math Activities For Preschoolers

    These math activities for preschoolers are sure to engage the kids as they explore early math. They run the gamut from counting to colors to one-to-one correspondence and include hands-on, multi-sensory ideas. Plus, there are even some free printables focused on math!

    Children naturally explore math throughout their day. We, as adults, may not realize this at first. But take a few moments today to sit back and observe.

    As youre watching the kids build a structure with blocks, youll see them delve into math. They might count the blocks they used to make a castle. Perhaps theyll comment on the shape or color of the blocks. The children might even say that theyre taller than what theyve built.

    Watch them as theyre playing outside. They might be counting or sorting the leaves theyve collected. Maybe theyll use some sticks to measure the playground fence. Im sure youll hear some observations about the colors all around them.

    Those are just a few instances of kids bringing math into their everyday lives. Because thats the thing . . . math IS in their everyday lives. Its in OUR everyday lives too. Were just so used to it that it doesnt phase us much.

    Below you will find a slew of hands-on preschool math activities to try with your students or your own kids. Each and every one has been a hit in my classroom or my home .

    Preschool Math Activities That Are Super Fun

    If you are looking for preschool math activities then you’re in luck! I gathered my favorite hands-on math activities and math center ideas for preschool and I am sharing them here!

    Math skills are so important and finding playful and engaging ways to teach those skills to preschoolers is crucial. Whether you teach math to a classroom full of preschoolers or homeschool one or two at home, it’s important to use hands-on math experiences.

    This is a list of the best preschool math activities that I could find! I hope they will be super helpful to you.

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    Math Activities For Preschoolers

    While many of these math ideas are invitations I came up with, youll also find a variety that the kids put together themselves.

    Keep that in mind when youre mapping out your math lesson plans kids can delve into math learning on their own. So sometimes simpler is better. And you never know . . . they might create a new math lesson for you to use in later years.

    Ive broken the math activities for preschoolers into a few different categories. This way, you can find just what youre looking for! Ill be updating this page as I share more math ideas, so be sure to pin or bookmark it.

    Preschool Math Is Not Just Memorizing Numbers

    Meet the Math Facts – Addition & Subtraction Level 1 (FREE) | Preschool Prep Company

    When we think of preschoolers and math, the natural space to head to is memorizing number names and counting.

    But math is so much more than reciting words in order or identifying the name of a symbol and cannot reduce it to something so trivial in the preschool years.

    Especially not when these kids and their math skills are worth so much more.

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    Middle School Math Activity #: Twelve A Dozen

    Twelve a Dozen is a digital math game that invites players to help save the crumbling world of Dozenopolis by solving math puzzles that lead to the defeat of the villain Ultimate Prime.

    While this game has excellent reviews, only the first level is free to play. In order to save Dozenopolis, youll have to pay a $5/month subscription fee.

    Twelve a Dozen is an interesting game because its designed to reinforce skills that players already have rather than teach new ones. Because Twelve a Dozen provides supplemental practice through play, its important that your child already have some experience with the math skills listed above.

    Tip : Play With Your Kids

    If your kids see that youre enthusiastic about math activities, its more likely theyll take the time to focus on the math games you want them to play. Carving out 30 minutes to play math games with your child will emphasize the value of play as a learning tool and remind your child that youre invested in their educational experience.

    Plus, even if you can only get involved for a few minutes, taking that time to tune in can help your child feel comfortable asking you questions or clarifying aspects of the game that they might not understand. Thats especially important for digital games, where kids might get stuck on a concept or not understand why a certain answer is correct.

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    Have A Rubber Duck Race

    In this game, kids race to see who can be the first to get their rubber duckies to 10 . They roll a die and lay out tiles to move their duck. The twist? To get to 10 at the end, they must roll the exact number they needno going over! Kindergarten math games like this one are terrific for practicing counting on, basic addition, and making 10.

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    Hold A Measuring Cup Water Race

    Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Catapult Addition {a DIY ...

    In addition to boxes and cars, my son also loves water. He enjoys splashing in the water, pouring water into different cups, and more. This is why the measuring cup water race is a fun math game for us.

    All you need is one bucket of water, two empty buckets, two measuring cups, and cards with measurements on them I label the cards with 1 cup, 2 cups, etc.

    Each player picks a card with a measurement and fills his measuring cup from the bucket of water.

    Next, they run to their own empty buckets and dump the water out. The player to fill up his bucket first, wins.

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    Elementary Math Activity #: Measurement Scavenger Hunt

    So far, weve talked a lot about math games for older elementary-aged kids. Heres a game thats perfect for learners at the younger end of the age spectrum! Kids begin learning measurements during elementary school, and a Measurement Scavenger Hunt helps them practice those skills. It also gets them moving around the house to expend some energy, which is always a good thing!

    How to Play

  • Give your child the yardstick or ruler, pencil, and paper.
  • Pick a length thats between one inch and 36 inches . This will be the length that all the players try to match.
  • Set a timer for one minute for the guessing period. During this time, players will try to guesstimate three objects around the house that match the length thats been chosen. For example, say the length youre matching is six inches. Youll then have one minute to write down three objects around the house that you think are six inches long, like a butter knife or a book!
  • Now, all players go around the house and measure each others objects, then record the lengths. The player who picked an object thats closest to the original length wins!
  • Have a deck of playing cards? Then you’re all set to have hours of mathematical fun.

    Preschool Math Games Your Child Will Want To Play

    If youve been looking for fun preschool math games for your child, youve come to the right place. Our HOMER learning experts have compiled a list of some of our favorite hands-on math activities to keep your child learning and engaged.

    Before we break down our list of fun games for your child to enjoy while at home, wed like to discuss why they matter. Why should you put so much effort into trying to help your child grasp essential math concepts from such a young age?

    Lets find out.

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    Easy And Fun Math Games For Kids

    Math games are a fun and easy way to help your kids work on their math skills at home while schools in and out of session. But choosing math games that are educational and fun can be tough, especially when youre already juggling a busy schedule.

    Dont worry: were here to help. Our expert guide to 20 math games for preschoolers, elementary, and middle schoolers will help you choose games that are both educational and fun. Weve compiled a mix of analog and digital games, too…so youll be able to choose the learning option that best suits your family.

    Best of all, you can implement all of these games at homeand most of them are free!

    Roll And Dot The Number Math Activity Printable

    Meet the Math Facts – Multiplication & Division Level 1 (FREE) | Preschool Prep Company

    This roll and dot the number activity is a fun way for kids to learn numbers and develop number sense. It is perfect for preschool or kindergarten math centers and the free printable makes it easy to use.

    So if you are looking for a fun way to teach math skills, this roll and dot the number activity is perfect for you.

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    Hands On Math Activities For Preschool And Kindergarten

    These Hands on Math Activities for preschoolers are a great way to combine fine motor skills and learning for younger aged children. Not only will they be able to work on improving their math skills, but theyll have fun doing so as well. Combining fun and education is possible and these math activities prove just that!

    Your preschooler will love knowing that theyre learning and playing at the same time.

    Fun Math Games Using Uno Flip Deck Of Cards

    Why use math worksheets when you can use game cards to review math skills! Check out how this mom plays and learns using the classic game, Uno. This Uno Flip game recommended for ages 5 and up creates simple math problems your child will need to solve! You could easily do this for addiction, subtraction, multiplication, or even division. via Childhood 101

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    Drive And Compare Numbers To Music

    Prep for this game by using dot markers on paper plates as shown . Each kid takes a plate then uses it to drive around the room as you play music. When the music stops, they find a nearby partner and compare what they see on each others plates (e.g., 8 dots is more than 4 dots. 1 green dot is less than 4 green dots. Then start the music up and repeat!

    Numbers & Operations In Base Ten

    Math Activities for Preschoolers: 1


    • Composing & decomposing numbers from 11 to 19

    Grade 1:

    • Adding and subtracting multiples of 10

    Grade 2:

    • Introduction to hundreds, tens, and ones place values
    • Reading and writing numbers up to 1000 in the expanded form and number names
    • Fluently adding up to four 2-digit numbers

    Grade 3:

    • Fluently adding and subtracting numbers within 1000
    • Rounding whole numbers to the nearest 10 or 100
    • Multiplying one-digit numbers by multiples of 10

    Grade 4:

    • Solving multi-digit operations, like multiplying 4-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers, etc.
    • Dividing with quotients and remainders up to 4-digit dividends and 1-digit divisors

    Grade 5:

    • Reading, writing and comparing decimals up to thousandths
    • Solving operations with multi-digit numbers and decimals up to hundredths

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    Best Math Board Games For Kids

    Incorporate these fun and educational math board games for kids in your homeschooling curriculum and watch your kids learn math without even realizing it!

    Give kids math workbooks, and they might welcome you with a grumpy frown or two. Give kids board games that teach math skills, and your young students will join the fun in a heartbeat.

    Teaching young kids problem-solving and math processes from the book can sometimes be tedious. However, with a little creativity and fun, you can make math easy to learn!

    Whether youre a parent having a hard time teaching kids math, or a teacher who wants to build math skills the fun way, here are some of the best math board games for kids that your little learners will love!

    Math Activities For Preschool Math Centers

    19. Make counting practice a game with this Race to Fill the Cup activity! This is a must-do when it comes to preschool math activities!

    20. Finding shapes with I Spy Shape Glasses is a totally cool idea!

    21. Counting and Measuring with LEGO is a fun way to work on counting, ordering and measuring numbers!

    22. Take the learning outdoor with this super cool Pool Noodle Abacus!

    23. This Button Counting Activity is a hands-on way for preschoolers to learn numbers and practice counting!

    24. Work on fine motor skills and counting in this neat Counting beads on pipe cleaners activity!

    25. Use clothespins to reinforce fine motor skills, colors and match numbers in this Hickory Dickory Dock Matching Clothespins activity!

    26. This is a great way to work on a variety of ways to represent numbers.

    27. This Play Dough Math Invitation is open-ended and will keep preschoolers busy while learning a variety of math skills.

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    Features Of Math Games

    • Play on any device: Kids can play math games online on the device of their choice iPad, laptop, iPod etc.
    • Engaging and rewarding games: Children can buy their favorite animated pet and more with the coins they earn through practice.
    • Parental Connect: Parents can get instant notifications of their childâs progress and skill completion through apps and websites.
    • Offline access: Fun math games can also be played offline through various apps.

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