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Yes, The Goddard School® is an early learning institution that focuses on the social, emotional, physical and academic development of children from infancy to pre-k. Our highly trained and motivated faculty develop experiential lesson plans for all age groups that reflect the skills, abilities and interests of the children in each classroom.

Against the backdrop of a warm, safe and caring environment, The Goddard School supports children on their journey to becoming confident and joyful learners who are ready for school, careers and life.

Goddard School Tuition Cost: How Much Is First Quarter Finance

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  • Descriptions: The tuition cost at The Goddard School varies by location and the age of the child. In general, full-time tuition ranges from around $1,200 to $1,650 per
  • More : The tuition cost at The Goddard School varies by location and the age of the child. In general, full-time tuition ranges from around $1,200 to $1,650 per

Goddard Tuition Fee Examples

How much does Goddard school cost? It depends.

As each Goddard school is an individually owned and operated franchise, the rates vary.

The Goddard School doesnt publish a list of rates, but states on the website that the tuition rates are comparable to others in your local premium childcare market.

To get an accurate quote for how much it will cost to send your child to Goddard, youll need to contact your local school to ask. contacted several different Goddard schools at locations across the United States to get an idea of how much tuition costs.

The Goddard School representatives quoted rates in the following ranges:

  • Infants: $1,600 to $1,650 per month
  • Toddlers: $1,500 to $1,600 per month
  • Preschool/Kindergarten: $1,400 to $1,500 per month

In your area, the rates could be higher or lower than this.

Large cities like New York City tend to have higher childcare costs in general when compared to smaller cities in the Midwest.

In Goddard School reviews on Yelp, parents regularly ask about the fees but these questions usually go unanswered. However, one particular Goddard school did respond:

We only do 5 full days in our infant room. The current rate is $1,491 a month. The Goddard School Cave Creek, AZ

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Goddard School Tuition Details

The tuition rate at Goddard school is dependent on the location of the school and also the age of the child. Another factor determining the tuition rate is whether the child is going to attend a full-time or part-time curriculum. Tuitions are generally higher in cities where the cost of living is high such as New York City and Denver.

If you are interested in knowing their exact tuition fees, it is best to contact the specific school . However, as per a survey conducted by contacting several Goddard schools across the country, the following estimates were found:

  • Full-time tuition The Goddard school takes full-time care of children in the age group of six weeks to six years. The tuition costs, as quoted by a representative, were within the below-listed ranges:
  • Infants 1600 USD to 1650 USD per month.
  • Toddlers 1500 USD to 1600 USD per month.
  • Preschool or Kindergarten 1400 USD to 1500 USD per month

One thing to note here is that the tuition fee might waver and could be higher or lower in your area of interest. For example, smaller cities in the Midwest have lower child care costs.

  • Part-time tuition There is a kids club program offered by the Goddard school for those children who are attending a part-time program. This is for before and after school care and also as a part-time program that runs for fewer days of the week. As per the customer service representative, the usual cost of these programs is 130 USD to 215 USD per week .

Does Goddard School Provide Meals

How Much Does Preschool Cost  Teaching Treasure

Nutritional Values of Food We understand that healthy bodies lead to healthy minds, which is why every food served at Goddard Schools is nutritious, well-balanced, and adheres to USDA nutritional requirements. The type of food, snacks, or meals supplied at schools varies depending on the area. In order to obtain precise information, contact your local school.

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Start Saving As Soon As Possible

It is no secret that preschool costs will add up quickly. Even if you find a relatively affordable option, it will likely take a toll on your budget. So, its a good idea to start saving for these preschool costs as soon as possible.

One way to start saving is to set up a sinking fund for your childs preschool expenses. By setting aside some funds each and every month, youll be better prepared to handle the big bills that preschool may throw your way.

Initial Financial Investment Required To Open A Goddard School Franchise

  • Initial Franchise Fee $135,000 $135,000
  • Initial Training and Opening Assistance Fee $35,000 $35,000
  • Initial Advertising Contribution $50,000 $55,000
  • Site Development Assistance Fee $35,000 $35,000
  • Background Check $3,000 $5,500
  • Convention Deposit $1,000 $1,000
  • Land Acquisition Cost Optional Varies
  • Building Construction and Site Work Optional Varies
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment $191,000 $231,000
  • Signs $10,500 $10,500
  • Computer Hardware, Telephone, Interactive White Board and Digital Signage Package $21,000
  • Security System $11,000 $11,000
  • Miscellaneous Opening Costs $73,000 $113,000
  • Three Months Rent $55,000 $85,000
  • Advertising Contribution 3 months $10,500 $10,500
  • Additional Funds $48,300 $90,600

Table of Content

ESTIMATED TOTAL = $697,100 $863,600

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Daily Childrens Activities At Goddard School

Children at Goddard School are allowed to play outside every day if the weather is conducive enough.

The school playgrounds are just extensions of the classrooms.

The teachers are saddled with the responsibility of providing outdoor playtime and also planning nature walks, outdoor learning opportunities, and picnics for the children.

Additional Costs Over And Above The Tuition Costs

The Goddard School – Perfect for Your Family [Video] | Goddard School

There are a few additional costs that one must consider on top of the Goddard schools tuition rates. Some of the schools offer a food service program at an additional charge. If such a service is not available in your school or you decide not to avail of this service, then you need to include packed meals and snacks in your budget.

The schools also organize extra events and activities like a book fair or a pizza day. It is not mandatory for your child to attend these events, but if you do decide to include your child in these activities, then you need to pay an extra fee .

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What Is The Cost For Preschool Dependent On

The cost for preschool can vary widely across the country. The answer lies in the variable cost of living factors that can be found around the country. If you live in a high cost of living area, you can expect that to translate to a pricey preschool. Likewise, those living in low cost of living areas will likely find lower preschool prices.

But even within cities, the type of school can have a big impact on the costs. An exclusive preschool with a long waiting list can often charge higher prices than a less sought-after school.

Another factor that can affect the price is the amount of time your child spends there. If you send your child to preschool a few mornings a week, youll likely pay less than if you send your child to preschool every workday for the entire day. With that being said, let’s dive into the big question “How much is preschool?”

Questions About Our Daycare & Preschool

  • Highest rating: 3
  • Lowest rating: 1
  • Descriptions: Our tuition rates are comparable to others in your local premium childcare market. Because each School is an individually owned and operated franchise,
  • More : Our tuition rates are comparable to others in your local premium childcare market. Because each School is an individually owned and operated franchise,

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The Goddard School Lake Orion

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

About the business


Michigan’slicensing website.

  • Complying with safety and health inspections
  • Achieving the required levels of educational training
  • Maintaining a minimum caregiver-to-child ratio
  • Other state-defined requirements
Costimate233/weekAt, we realizethat cost of care is a big consideration for families. That’swhy we are offering an estimate which is based on an average ofknown rates charged by similar businesses in the area. Foractual rates, contact the business directly.

Class Type

What Age Is Pre School

child care for working families act 2020

Incorporating great works of childrens literature into the curriculum, the Goddard School focuses on social-emotional development in its students education. A customized lesson plan for each book is included, as well as various in-school activities that are centered on the key social-emotional skill that the book addresses.

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Flexible Schedule For Your Childs Program

When you want to admit your child to Goddard school, you have options of choosing a schedule that works best for you and your child. There are half-day and full-day programs at the school, which run from two to five days a week. Many of the Goddard schools also have before and after-school programs.

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What Supplies Do I Need To Provide For My Child

Please provide any necessary personal care supplies for your little one, such as diapers, wipes, a change of clothing and naptime bedding. For infants, please supply a crib sheet. For toddlers and older children please bring a blanket and/or sleeping bag. Many of our locations also ask that you pack lunch for your child each day. Please contact your local School for additional details.

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Section V Financial Performance Representations For The Goddard School Franchise

  • The following is a report of mature The Goddard Schools , identifying the actual gross revenue, payroll, occupancy , and miscellaneous operating expenses prepared on a cash basis for the year ended December 31, 2021 for all The Goddard School businesses operating as of December 31, 2021.
  • The net result of these items is EBITDA which is defined as gross revenue less all expenses directly related to operating the School excluding interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. EBITDA is an acronym for Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization.
  • The items included in the expense category identified as miscellaneous items include bank charges, office supplies, utilities, telephone, transportation, payroll taxes, employee costs, marketing, royalties, repairs and maintenance, school supplies, snacks, technology, and professional fees. The expenses reported may also include miscellaneous items that are subject to the discretionary spending of the individual franchisee.
  • Gross Revenue is determined on an accrual basis and represents the amount billed by a School for all services or products of any nature rendered or sold at or from or as a result of the School, and without deduction of any kind.
  • As of December 31, 2021, there were 575 The Goddard School businesses in operation, all of which 575 Schools were owned by franchisees. Of these 575 Schools, 532 Schools had been open and operating for over 18 months as of December 31, 2021.

How Much Does It Cost To Open Goddard School Franchise

The Goddard School – The Benefits of a Structured Summer for Your Child

Do you want to open a preschool business by buying Goddard franchise? If YES, here is how much it cost to open a Goddard school franchise successfully. If you are looking towards opening a Goddard School Franchise, it will be nice for you to have a of what the company represents before going ahead to open their franchise in your location.

Goddard School started operations in 1986 and they began selling franchise in 1988. They have their corporate headquarters at King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and presently they have an estimated 520 franchise units in operation.

Goddard Systems, Inc. is the franchisor of the school. The school will offer primarily preschool programs and care for children between 6 weeks and 10 years of age. The programs offered to a child will vary depending upon the age, skills and development of the child. The school will ordinarily be open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. five days a week.

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Research Costs Ahead Of Time

So how much is preschool in your area? The best way to prepare is to take the time to research the cost for preschool in advance. With some time to conduct research, youll be able to explore all of your options.

One thing to look into is any cost-saving programs in your area. Depending on your situation, you may find some available government assistance programs to help make preschool more affordable. A good place to start looking at these options is

Beyond assistance programs, check out the different options around town. You might be surprised to find a gambit of prices available in your area. Consider the quality of care and the price when exploring your options.

Is The Company Franchise Profit Worth The Franchise Cost

If you invest a standard $954,200 to open a Goddard School it will take approximately 4.5 5 years to recoup your investment. This includes 1.5 2 years of development and construction of your Goddard School. This is a standard timeframe it takes for any franchise to get off the ground. Five years with a highly profitable business makes the Goddard School a great investment opportunity.

Selling Price:

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What Is A Typical Day At The Goddard School Like

In each classroom, we provide hands-on, playful, child-centered learning experiences that vary based on the childrens levels of development. Teachers help children grow into happy, healthy, intelligent little humans who are ready to take on the world around them.

For infants, we follow the care schedule set by your family and utilize personal care moments to connect with and expand your little ones individual development. Our teachers also incorporate songs, finger play, books and sensory and physical exploration each day.

Our busy toddlers flex their independence as they learn to walk, talk and safely explore the world around them. Their curiosity and interests drive the classroom structure.

In our preschool and pre-k classrooms, we add more school preparation and readiness by focusing on academic skills as well as interpersonal and collaboration skills. Teachers support children as they investigate the world around them. Children learn how to ask and answer questions, work with others, navigate social situations and understand and communicate their own thoughts and feelings.

Our teachers expertly create supportive classrooms for all children to safely learn and test new social, academic and physical skills throughout a typical routine that includes morning and afternoon snack time, lunch, naptime, exploration time, small and large group experiences and outdoor play.

Do Montessori Students Do Better

Jacksonville Child Care

All things considered, the answer to both queries was yes. If you compare students who attended a high-fidelity Montessori school to those who attended the other two types of schools, you will see that they made considerably larger progress on tests of executive function, reading, math, vocabulary development and social conflict resolution.

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Goddard School Franchise Requirements

While there is not a specific minimum net worth required the Goddard School and its affiliates reserve the right to mandate one. If you are looking to purchase an existing Goddard School, you are required to pay a $60,000 initial fee. It is important to follow the Goddard Schools opening and operating requirements. The company has the right to terminate an opening agreement and not refund the initial deposit. Additionally, you are required to compensate the Goddard School for background checks. Finally, you must use the approved Goddard School logos for your location.

Is The Goddard School Worth It

I may receive a commission for purchases made through product links on this page, but I always stand by my opinions and endorsements!

The Goddard School is one of the largest childcare chains in the United States.

Individually owned and managed, almost all Goddard schools have excellent reviews from parents.

However, due to the popularity of this childcare franchise, youll often find that these nursery schools have some of the highest fees of all childcare settings.

Waitlists are long too, with many parents putting their babys name down while theyre still in the womb.

So is Goddard school worth it? Or are you just paying for the brand when you choose a pre-school like Goddard?

Heres a full and detailed review.

Goddard schools are known for an incredible curriculum that challenges children to learn independently through play, first-hand experience, and following their own curiosity. The teachers and facilities are top notch, so you know your Goddard child is going to be in amazing hands.

However, Goddard schools are some of the most expensive options around and some parents feel there are too many hidden costs

Lets take a closer look at the costs, pros, and cons of Goddard schools.

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The Goddard School Houston Tx

  • Highest rating: 3
  • Lowest rating: 1
  • Descriptions: The Goddard School in Houston, Texas serves students in grades View their 2022-23 profile to find tuition cost, acceptance rates, reviews and more.
  • More : The Goddard School in Houston, Texas serves students in grades View their 2022-23 profile to find tuition cost, acceptance rates, reviews and more.

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