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First Grade Sight Word Worksheets

SIGHT WORD AND – INDEPENDENT PRACTICE – Kindergarten & Preschool – Distant Learning

These free printable first grade sight word worksheets offer meaningful learning opportunities for your students to learn the words on the Dolch sight word list. These are perfect for introducing new sight words and also spiral reviewing sight words all year long.

These sight word worksheets are perfect to use after mastering the words on the kindergarten sight words list. The 7 activities on each worksheet are consistent, so your students will know what is expected of them. They can complete the sight word activities independently and with confidence for each word on the 1st grade sight words list.

With so many opportunities to work with each word, your students will gain a lot of great practice. Theyll be reading the word, writing, spelling, and building the word on each printable worksheet.

These sight word activity sheets are fast for teachers to prep. There is no laminating, cutting, or stapling required. Simply print and go and youre set. These are the perfect worksheets to help your students as theyre learning sight words and working on reading skills.

Utilize them during morning work, your literacy lessons, word work stations, or as independent practice or homework. Theyll be mastering their grade level sight words in no time.

Inspired By Kindergarten: Center Books: Popcorn Words

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Sight words cut and paste worksheets bundle by lavinia pop. Sentence detectives: no prep reading and sight word fun freebie!. Sentence sight reading prep sentences word list fun class jump detectives bloglovin freebie mrs

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Criticism Of Sight Words Memorization

Some critics argue that memorizing sight words does not promote true reading fluency or comprehension.

They believe it stops students from practicing basic decoding techniques.

Phonological decoding is an important part of becoming a skilled reader. This involves breaking down the word into letters or clusters of letters within the word itself.

They also believe it can be labor-intensive. According to research, whole-word memorization requires an average of 35 trials per word.

Some educators believe that the list can still be useful if the students are taught the relationship between the sounds and the letters, groups of letters, or syllables in a word.

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Free Printable Kindergarten Sight Word List

Grab this free printable list of Dolch sight words for Kindergarten to make learning sight words easy!

Dolch Sight Word Lists

These sight word lists will make it easy to teach Dolch sight words in your homeschool. This pack comes with bonus checklists and flashcards for each level as well! All the words for preschool through 3rd grade are included, so you can use this resource with multiple kids- or save it to use again and again!

Kindergarten Sight Word Bingo

Read It

Free, low-prep printable BINGO calling cards featuring the Kindergarten Dolch sight word list. students will love the bright, fun graphics and they will be expanding their literacy skills while having fun playing a game! Students will focus on reading sight words and problem-solving in a fast-paced educational game. Check out our Free Sight Word Printables for even more sight word learning fun!

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The Best Common Core Kindergarten Sight Words Worksheets And Activities

When choosing sight word activities, you want to be sure that they are engaging enough for kindergarten kids. These Common Core Sight Words Worksheets arent your average practice activities, add these to your centers in kindergarten, especially if there are ESL students practising their new sight words.

Sight words are the most frequently used words in the English language. They are often called high-frequency words and they are very important for children to learn. Sight word activities help children learn these words and their meanings.

This article will explore 5 of the best common core kindergarten sight word activities, how they can be used to teach kids, and what benefits they offer.

Set Of Finding Nemo Sight Word Cards

There are 63 high-frequency words in this set of sight word cards. I made these years ago to coincide with an ocean-themed unit we did. We ended up using them as a game for our toddler. We glued blue construction paper around a coffee can and then wrote the words, Fish live in water on the outside of the can. Next, I cut a slit in the top of the can which allowed our toddler to put the cards in the slot, but not before I read the words to her. My older ones had to pick out the card I called out and put it in the can. Just an idea!

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Which Sight Words Do You Use

You are probably aware that there are different sight word lists floating around. These lists have been used for a long time and are certainly fine to use, but I am always on the search to use what is developmentally appropriate for kids. As a homeschool mama I have this amazing opportunity to enrich and engage her education but do so with lessons and skills that are developmentally appropriate. I have found that my philosophy of education aligns nicely with Fountas & Pinnell who are leading researchers in the field of literacy. I use their recommended kindergarten sight words. You can grab the free printable list here.

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Sight Words Kindergarten Pdf

ALL Learn to Read Videos!/Kindergarten/Phonics/Sight Words/Letter Sounds/Exceptions/Digraphs/Pre-K

It is easy to download and use this sight words pdf.

Firs, scroll to the bottom of this article and download the worksheets there. You will find a link right under Planes& Balloons banner.

All you need to do is save it and print the pages as you need.

Children will need pencil for writing and some crayons for coloring the words.

Feel free to use these worksheets in your classroom or at home with your kids.

Happy learning!

And please, remember, that these sight word worksheets are for personal and classroom use only. Thank you!

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Individual Free Printable Kindergarten Sight Word Worksheets

Sight Word A Worksheet by Little Dots Education Sight Word For Worksheet by Little Dots Education Sight Word Worksheet for the Word the by Turtle Diary Sight Word Worksheet for the Word here by Turtle Diary Sight Word and Worksheet by Twisty Noodle Color the Sight Words Worksheet by Twisty Noodle Sight Words Worksheet by Free Math, Handwriting, and Reading Worksheets I see Sight Word Worksheet by Twisty Noodle Me Sight Word Worksheet by Little Dots Education Trace the Sight Words Worksheet by Free Math, Handwriting, and Reading Worksheets Me Sight Word Worksheet by Turtle Diary It is Coloring and Tracing Worksheet by Twisty Noodle To Sight Word Worksheet by Twisty Noodle Draw Pictures Sight Word Worksheet by Twisty Noodle

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Kindergarten Sight Word Books

Both of my children developed a sight word vocabulary using fun sight word games, worksheets, flashcards and books.

Sight Word Readers includes 25 small books . These books are perfect for a kindergartener they contain simple sentences, familiar objects and experiences, and high frequency words. In fact, they include all but two of the above sight words.

Each book focuses on two sight words. They also provide before, during and after reading strategies. In addition, this product comes with a write-and-learn workbook. This workbook contains suggestions on how to teach each sight word and exercises to practice writing and reading each one. It costs $14.95 and received 4.5 stars. My family and I think this is a great product with one caveat the workbook could be a little bigger but this should not be a show stopper.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is another great book that uses repetition and simple sentences to help a child learn sight words. My daughter especially loved this book. We read this book so many times, she could recite the entire book without opening it. This book received 5 stars and costs $8.99.

You do not need to spend money. If things are tight, which they are for most of us, visit your local library or use books you already own but play I spy. For example, if you just introduced the sight words, I & am, look for those words in a book, newspaper or magazine or consider creating your own book.

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Kindergarten Sight Words: A To Are

Many of the most common words in English are difficult for children to sound out. Known as sight words, these words are more easily learned through memorization than phonics. Cutting out and taping these sight word “flash cards” around the house where your child will read and interact with them on a daily basis will help your child memorize these important words and become a more confident reader.

to browse the entire Kindergarten Sight Words series.

When To Start Teaching Sight Words

Printable Kindergarten Sight Words Flash Cards

Sight word practice can be started in preschool by using kindergarten sight words. Sometimes little ones want to do school too, and this is a great way to get them interested and to teach them pre-reading skills. When children have a good grasp on pre-reading skills, it helps them to become fluent readers.

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Why Do We Focus On Sight Words

Learning sight words is really helpful strategy for young learners. Sight words are those words that are frequently used in reading and writing. Our students can sound out any of these words, but it is time consuming and tedious. We want reading to be easy and fun. If students can recognize these frequent words instantly, fluency levels rise. They will experience success in their reading and the process will become effortless. This is our goal.

Teaching sight words is an important part of our literacy strategy. Reading will becomes much easier if children can recognize even the first 25 sight words. Pair sight word recognition with phonic skills and you will have strong readers.

How Do You Find Them

One way to help kids identify their sight words in sentences is to play a modified version of I Spy. Instead of looking for objects, they are tasked with finding sight words. Give them a highlighter or highlighter tape to cover the word once they have found it.

Since kindergarteners have a limited reading vocabulary, make the sentences as uncomplicated as possible. Even three-word sentences allow students to practice finding and identifying sight words. If you want to make it more challenging, add a couple of sight words in each sentence!

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What Are Sight Words For Kindergarten

Sight words are words kindergarteners should know by the end of the year. They are words that are found frequently in written text. Your child should be able to instantly recognize them on sight, hence the name sight words. Kindergarten-level readers should not have to sound out or ask for help in reading the words. This refers to pronunciation, spelling, and differentiation in meaning.

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Free Printable Sight Words Worksheets

Top Kindergarten Sight Words

Browse our Free printable Sight words worksheets. Sight words are also called high-frequency sight words. It is a list of words that small kids are prompted to recognize without using any decoding strategy. Several sight word lists are in use. Parents must ensure that they use this tool in teaching kids to read.

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Kindergarten Sight Words Books

In this kindergarten sight word printable pack, there is a separate mini book for each of the primer sight words. That is a total of 52 mini primer sight words books that can be used to help children learn their sight words. With this sight word stories for kindergarten booklet that comes completely in black and white, children will be reading, writing and drawing all while learning their sight words.

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Let Them Write Sight Words In Flour Or Rice

We use this for spelling too, but it works great for sight word practice!

Grab a cookie sheet or any type of tray, and fill it with flour or rice.

Place the printable flash cards on the table beside the tray and let your kindergartener write the site words.

Copying and writing is one of the most effective ways some emergent readers learn!

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Sight Word Activities For All Themes

These sight word activities and games come in a large variety of themes, so you can find activities for any season and many of the different themes you use in your classroom.

There are activities for fall, winter, spring and even summer as well as activities for most of the major holidays. Plus, there are sight word activities for lots of fun themes like unicorns, robots, dinosaurs, and more!

Dolch Words For Kindergarten

A Bountiful Love: 52 Dolch Sight Words For Kindergarten

The Dolch word list for kindergarten is called the Primer Sight Words. The Primer list includes 52 sight words. They are:

all, am, are, at, ate, be, black, brown, but, came, did, do, eat, four, get, good, have, he, into, like, must, new, no, now, on, our, out, please, pretty, ran, ride, saw, say, she, so, soon, that, there, they, this, too, under, want, was, well, went, what, white, who, will, with, yes

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Why Are Sight Words Important

Sight words are an essential part of reading. They help your child to be able to read fluently and with comprehension.

When your child can recognize sight words quickly, they can focus on the meaning of the text rather than decoding each word.

Research has noted that students who struggle with reading during their early stages of education often encounter difficulties in their secondary education and adulthood.

Therefore, it is crucial to tackle any problems students may be having early and give them the time they need to develop their literacy skills.

Preschool Sight Word Books

Each book includes the following activities:

  • A cover page which contains the sight word that they can read as well as a place for them to write their name
  • The second page has the word that they can read and then they will trace the word multiple times
  • The next page contains boxes where they could write the letters of the word on their own or they can use the boxes on the last page to cut out and paste in these squares
  • Following this, there is a page for them to write a sentence using the sight word
  • Lastly, there is a page for them to draw a picture that relates to the sentence they wrote, or they could practice writing the sight word in the box on this page

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What You Will Need

  • Another option is card stock paper if you would like them to be a little sturdier
  • You could also use a small paper cutter if you would like to cut the cards out faster
  • If you would like to make the flash cards even sturdier, you could glue them to construction paper after you cut them out.
  • If you would like to make them REALLY sturdy so they will last longer, you could laminate them using laminating pouches and a laminator

Dolce Sight Word List For Kindergarten

Kindergarten (Primer) Dolch Sight Word Practice Story

The Dolch Sight Words List is the most commonly used sight word list to teach sight words. The Dolch Words List of 220 words are grouped by grade-level, starting with Pre-K through to 3rd Grade.These sight word printables will give your little reader the chance to learn all 52 of the kindergarten sight words on the Dolch sight word list in 6 different ways. These 6 activities will help children identify, read, and spell the words, one word at a time.

The Kindergarten sight words include: all, am, are, at, ate, be, black, brown, but, came, did, do, eat, four, get, good, have, he, into, like, must, new, no, now, on, our, out, please, pretty, ran, ride, saw, say, she, so, soon, that, there, they, this, too, under, want, was, well, went, what, white, who, will, with, yes.

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Easy Kindergarten Sight Word Games

Sight words are the most common words in the English language. They are often used by children in their first years of learning to read and write.

There are many sight word games for kids that you can find online. But, there is no need to go online and search for a game when you can make one yourself!

Here is a list of five games that you can make at home:

1) Sight Word Scramble

3) Memory Sight Word Game

4) Sight Word Bingo

5) Sight Words Matching Game

Sight words are important to learn because they are the most common words in the English language. Sight words are also important because they provide the foundation for children to learn how to read and write.

One fun way that parents can help teach their child sight words is by playing a game of sight word bingo or go fish with them.

You can find easy ways to incorporate flash cards to help your students learn their new sight words, or play the games above for more practice!

Have some glue and scissors ready for this simple and fun cut and paste sight word picture puzzle activity!

Enter your details below to grab this printable.

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