May Art Projects For Kindergarten

Fun Kids Activities For May

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Here are 31 fun kids activities for May! A whole month of crafts and activities. All in one spot!

Our free activity planner for the month of May is full of fun kids activities that focus on all things spring and even fun Mothers Day crafts that kids can make.

I love having something planned to do with the kids every day but like many of you out there its not always easy to plan out a month of activities. Honestly, its easy to find a bunch of fun preschool activities because Pinterest is stuffed full of amazing ideas.

But actually organizing them into a schedule? Finding time to plan what activity Im doing on what day? Not happening, I always fall short and end up with a never-ending list of bookmarked activities that I never return to.

But now Ive got them all in one easy calendar! With these free activity calendars, you dont have to worry about any of it! No finding activities or pulling them all together, all the hard part is done for you!

Just bookmark this page!

May Math Activities For Kindergarten

Math Curriculum for Kindergarten

May is the time to review everything you’ve taught throughout the school year! The best choice is to use 1 of almost 40 activities from KINDERGARTEN MATH CURRICULUM.

This has been very helpful in rounding out our math curriculum and filling in areas where there were gaps.

The following activities are also included in the bundle mentioned above.

Counting Coins Financial Literacy Money Activities

This Google Slides resource is a great way to get kids to learn how to count coins and identify the coins. Perfect to use for centers, assessment, independent practice, early finishers, homework, group work, as well as during distance learning or hybrid.

Measurement Activities Nonstandard Measurement Height

Need to practice nonstandard measurement and measure height? This is an experimental Google Slides set that combines math and social studies practice. Perfect to use for centers, assessment, independent practice, early finishers, homework, group work, as well as during distance learning or hybrid.

Telling Time to the Hour and Half Hour

Need for kids to practice telling time? Use this math center and practice telling time to the hour and half-hour! Perfect to use for centers, assessment, independent practice, early finishers, homework, group work, as well as during distance learning or hybrid.

Our Favorite Craft Supplies

When creating these cute summer-themed activities, you are probably going to want to stock up on some supplies.

These simple materials are perfect for crafting with young kids. While not each of them is used in the crafts below, they are all staples in our craft bin. If you dont have any on hand, that might be ok. Take a look at the craft first to see whether or not you need them.

  • Construction Paper One of our favorite craft supplies.
  • Cardboard Perfect for using up all those boxes you get in the mail!
  • Craft Sticks or popsicle sticks A classic staple, use them in your craft or to mix paint.
  • Kid-Friendly paint Kids love to get messy! Check out our favorite tips for painting with young children.
  • Googly Eyes You can literally add them to any project and it instantly becomes cuter.
  • Tissue Paper We always have this on hand. Buy it new or use or save it from birthday parties and holidays.
  • Toilet Paper Rolls/Paper Towel Rolls A great way to recycle your paper tubes is to use them in crafts!
  • Paper Plates Grab this party supply to create fun crafts.
  • Contact Paper We use this a lot to create suncatcher crafts
  • Pipe Cleaners Their bendy and hold their shape, which makes for some fun creating!
  • Coffee Filters This inexpensive item is fun to create with.
  • Pom Poms Fluffy and always fun.
  • Egg Cartons Recycle these into fantastic crafts!
  • Puffy Paint Makes great snow!!
  • Cotton Balls Perfect for fuzzy tails.

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May Crafts For Kindergarten

Who doesn’t love get creative and make crafts? Kid love them! Check out the selection of May crafts below.

DIY Egg Maracas/ Shakers

3D Flower Mother’s Day Card Craft

Poppy Suncatchers

Clothespin Bee Craft

Tissue Paper Suncatchers

I can spend days mentioning all the crafts you can make with kids in May. You can do one of five mentioned above or check out many other ideas for May crafts here.

May Worksheets For Kindergarten

31 May Crafts &  Activities for Kids

Since worksheets are so easy to use, make sure to print and practice and review various topics throughout May.

Teen Numbers Worksheets

Practice counting objects to 20 with these engaging worksheets which kids can color! You can also use dry erase pouch pockets, insert worksheets there, and use and over and over!

Alphabet Worksheets

Looking for differentiated alphabet activities? This bundle is packed with hands-on alphabet games as well as no prep worksheets to teach beginning sounds, letter recognition, letter formation, and much more!

Sight Words Worksheets

Need meaningful sight word practice? Grab the set and use it as an Interactive Notebook or No-Prep Worksheets. Perfect for practice typing, independence practice, word work, homeschool, etc.

CVC Words Worksheets

Need an engaging way to practice sentence building? Just print, cut and paste! This ink-friendly set is perfect for morning work, small group, early finishers, table time, arrival activity, review, or a center activity.

Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

Practice addition and subtraction to 10 with fingersusing these no prep worksheets. Find inside 15 pages of practice!

Preprimer Sight Words Worksheets

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Create An Apple Starry Night Print

You are likely familiar with Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting, Starry Night. Following this art activity, your child will be, too.

This activity pairs well with the book, Touch the Art: Make Van Gogh’s Bed and it can be done with items you have around your house, including an apple core.

Learn more: The Educators’ Spin on It

Try This Trick To Make Crepe

Crepe paper has been a star in kindergarten art projects for years, but it definitely results in sticky glue fingers. Try this: Use a mini paint tray and a mini roller to roll on the glue! Fingers stay clean and dry, plus youll avoid messy glue puddles. Youre welcome!

Learn more: Hello, Wonderful/Crepe Paper Art

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Kindergarten Art Projects To Spark Early Creativity

Dont limit yourself to finger paints!

Theres no better time to experiment with art than kindergarten! Kids this age are buzzing with creativity and always willing to try something new. These kindergarten art projects use every kind of media, so kids learn to paint, sculpt, draw, weave, and more. Plus, theyll discover some famous artists along the way. Take a look, and youll realize kinders can do so much more than finger paint!

May Crafts For Preschoolers

circle art & painting project ideas for kids, preschool & kindergarten. kandinsky inspired art ideas

May crafts help welcome the warmer weather and things start to feel a bit like summer. The school year is coming to an end and kids are antsy to get outside.

Last month was full of spring and new life. This month is full of love and nature.

While kids of all ages will enjoy these easy crafts, they are perfect for pairing with your favorite May preschool themes. Create summer stations, and colorful craft projects, or make them at home!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, we may receive an affiliate commission.

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May Activities For Preschoolers

Gods Eye Craft from You probably made this craft yourself as a kid, and its a classic for good reason! Its simple, fun, and you can get really creative with the colors.

from When youre teaching your kids about spring, this craft is a cute way to demonstrate the concept of April showers bringing May flowers. Take this opportunity to talk to them about how important the water cycle is to all life on earth.

Garden Bees Interactive Craft from This interactive craft with buzzy little bees is as fun to play with as it is to make. You could even introduce the concept of pollination with your little learners.

Mermaid Fairy Garden from Heres a fun twist on the usual fairy garden. Make a mermaid garden instead. Its a great chance to use some seashells or sea glass that you may have found on your own beach adventures.

Mini Flower Garden Craft from Pipe cleaners, foam sheets, and mini pom-poms become beautiful flowers in this garden craft. Theyre planted in a cup of shredded paper grass. How cute!

Paper Plate Yarn Weaving Garden Craft from Paper plate weaving is an excellent way to work on dexterity and is excellent for kids with interest in sewing. It really makes this paper plate garden pop.

Wooden Spoon Garden Craft from Dress up your potted plants with these whimsical wooden spoon characters.

Bend Pipe Cleaners Into Masterpieces

Chances are good youve got a ton of random pipe cleaners lying around somewhere. Gather them up, along with some styrofoam packing material, and set kids loose to create wild and crazy sculptures. They can add beads and any other materials you have lying around, too.

Learn more: Picklebums/Pipe Cleaner Sculptures

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Spring Art And Craft Activities

Egg Shaker Maracas from You probably have lots of plastic eggs left over from Easter, so use those to make some egg maracas with the kids for Cinco de Mayo. Have a dance party when youre done!

Easy Newspaper Flowers from Recycled crafts are some of our favorites, like these gorgeous newspaper flowers. Theyd be pretty additions to gifts instead of using bows. You could also make a garland of them to hang up in your home for spring.

Spring Flower Craft for Toddlers from This flower assembly craft is super simple. Its perfect for toddlers whod like to make a little surprise for Mom.

No-Sew Purse Craft from Practice threading before you start sewing with this easy purse craft for kids.

Yarn-Wrapped Rainbow from Get in some fine motor practice by wrapping yarn around a piece of cardboard. Hang it in the window for everyone to see!

Chrysanthemum Craft from Chrysanthemums are a popular choice for Mothers Day. But this version is even more thoughtful than real flowers. Its made from the kids handprints. Mom will treasure this for years to come.

Hammering Flowers Art from If you have some real flowers in your yard or garden, this hammering flowers activity will keep the kids busy for quite some time! Its a fantastic way to enjoy the warmer spring weather.

+ May Preschool Crafts Spring Art And Craft Activities

31 May Activities for Kids {Free Activity Calendar}

The month of May isnt far away, so its time to start planning your activities with the kids! Weve rounded up some of the best May preschool crafts for young kids who love to learn and create. From beautiful flower necklaces for Mom on Mothers Day to maracas for Cinco De Mayo and lots of flower and bee crafts for spring, youll find loads of cute ideas to make during your crafting time.

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Fun & Creative Kindergarten Art Projects

May 28, 2021// by Suzanne Bucknam

Art is important for so many reasons. Teaching art to kids gives them the same tools of self-expression as the famous artists we all admire.

In addition to self-expression, lots of important skills are developed through art. Kindergarten art projects teach kids the following things:

  • how to follow steps in sequence

Coming up with art projects for kindergarteners can be a challenge. Luckily, we’ve done some of the leg work for you. All you need to do is set the activities up and watch your students get creative.

Here are 52 kindergarten art projectsstudents are sure to love.

Make A Paper Line Sculpture

Making paper line sculptures is an art project that introduces children to the concept of being able to create 3-D art.

Kindergarteners aren’t limited to making their lines of paper resemble a specific object or structure. They are free to use their imaginations on this one.

Learn more: Art is Basic

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Make A Paper Clip Painting

This art project combines math, art, and a scavenger hunt all in one. Kids dip paper clips into paint and stamp them onto paper to make creative art projects.

There’s no need to confine their creativity to paper clips, though. Send them on a scavenger hunt around the classroom to see what other items they find to use.

Learn more: Mosswood Connections

May Activities For Kindergarten

Combine Villain and Sidekick | Fusion Art Challenge | Mei Yu

Looking for engaging and meaningful May activities? Check out this bundle that contains a memory book, phonics review, all about me activities, writing prompts, and graduation certificates.

I got you covered for May with fun printable and digital activities! Have a look inside.

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Caterpillar And Butterfly Crafts

More Fabulous May Crafts For Kids

If you are looking for more things do you with your kids during May, check out these awesome May Activities for kids, which include sensory play, learning activities, science and more.

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