Online Reading Programs For Preschoolers

Amira Provides Early Literacy Testing

Reading Wonders Program Basics – Kindergarten

Audience: Teachers, Elementary aged children



Amira listens to students read and then creates running records, audio recordings, metrics, and reports for teachers and parents to review. Amira provides early literacy testing that doesnt feel like a test to students, consumes almost no teacher and class time, generates valid and reliable data, and delivers consistent, predictive outcomes.

How Can We Make Reading Fun For Kids

Reading games make learning an enjoyable and interesting activity. But are kids supposed to enjoy learning? Of course, they are! The more kids like an activity, the more time theyâll spend on it. And the more they stay engaged, the more they will learn. âLearning to readâ games make reading a fun task for children!

Preschool Reading What Are The Standards And Curriculum

There are multiple steps in helping your child become proficient at reading. Think of each step as a rung on a ladder moving your child closer to opening a world of limitless imagination and knowledge. At this early stage, your preschool child will develop a basic understanding of reading skills, decoding, and phonics.

Time4Learnings award-winning preschool program combines technology, animated characters, original stories and enjoyable music to inspire a love of learning in the littlest e-learners. By presenting a comprehensive preschool reading curriculum which is fun and engaging for young children, Time4Learning builds a solid foundation in the following language arts strands:

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Free And Fun Elementary Reading Websites For Kids

Heidi Reina, M.S., Ed, is an educational technology integrator and teacher, reviewing free educational websites and apps.

Discover 10 teacher-recommended websites with free games, interactive activities, videos, and read-along stories to help your child practice reading.

The Abcmousecom Reading Curriculum

Affordable online reading instruction for children ages 4 to 8. All ...

ABCmouse is the most downloaded online reading program for kids because itâs designed to help teach and improve early literacy skills, such as letter recognition and letter-sound correspondence. Robust online reading programs for struggling readers need to bolster those skills as well, and ABCmouse fits the bill for helping those readers build toward success.

Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Recognition

All alphabet letters represent sounds. Connecting letters to their most common sounds, also known as letter-sound correspondence, is a foundational part of early literacy. Children begin with identifying and naming letters and advance to associating those letters with sounds.

With ABCmouse, children can learn letters and sounds with entertaining activities such as Lowercase Letter Blocks, Letters A to Z, and The Great Ticket Hunt.

Phonics and Sight Words

The process of learning to read by associating letters and sounds is called phonics. Learning letter sounds helps early readers understand how printed text relates to spoken language. This is a foundational skill in learning to read.

Many words in English follow phonetic patterns, meaning that the words sound the way they are spelled. Sight words are words that canât be sounded out easily. Children must learn to recognize these words automatically rather than attempt to sound them out.

Recognizing Sounds

Rhyming Words and Word Families

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Engage With Online Episodes And Printable E

Audience: K-5 Students, Teachers

  • Classroom $18/month

Description: Interactive online episodes to teach students reading fundamentals and comprehension skills to become successful readers.mEarly reading development, adaptive reading instruction, automated reporting, vocabulary engine, error correction, benchmark assessment.

Helping Dyslexic Children To Read

Audience: Parent ages 2-13, Teacher Pre-K-6


  • $9.99/month up to 4 children
  • $69.99/year up to 4 children
  • Schools-Request a quote

Description Mobile ApplicationReading Eggs is the multi-award winning learning app that helps dyslexic children learn to read. Reading Eggs uses carefully structured lessons to build essential spelling skills in children of all reading abilities. The animated, interactive lessons in Reading Eggs begin with phonemic skills identifying beginning sounds and rhyming words, matching sounds and letters, sounding out words, segmenting and blending sounds and letters.

Audience: Teachers, Parents, Children ages 5-8


  • $167/Year License
  • $19.99 Monthly Membership

Description: Digital & Printable storybooks. Student accounts. Differentiated, K-3 Guided Reading program increases student engagement and efficacy and is quickly adaptable to a variety of classroom settings .

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Traditional Methods For Helping Your Child Learn To Read

If you’re worried about screen time or the other drawbacks to digital learning tools, remember the wise words of the ancient Greek poet Hesiod: “Moderation is best in all things.” You can limit your child’s time spent on educational websites and combine it with more traditional means of encouraging and practicing readinglike physical books.

The 8 Best Online Reading Programs

Multi-Award-Winning Online Reading Program for Kids | Reading Eggs | Get Your Free Trial!

The education methodology has also evolved with technology and the increase of the diversity of teaching materials available to children.

You can find online reading programs and educational materials free, or you can purchase different programs to speed childrens reading learning at very affordable prices, which at the end is synonymous with an excellent investment. Parents can find reliable methods where children can learn at home while playing alone or in the company of their friends.

Research does not lie. It proves that children who work in their literacy at home have 56% greater success in school, exceeding the average school achievement in that area, compared to the rest of the classmates who only practice in the classroom.

Online reading programs are created to help children improve their reading comprehension skills and develop a taste for books. They are designed for children of all ages, and with different learning speeds, while they reach each level, they acquire a higher potential for reading and a better spelling in consequence.

They are oriented to go beyond reading learning only. As kids become skilled readers, they will have better academic performance throughout their lives.

Here there is a list of the best online reading programs:

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Online Phonics Programs And Apps

Do your kids need phonics practice?For instance, are they missing some key concepts? Then, youre going to want to check out these great apps. Theyll help with phonics rules and spelling practice that needs filling in.

  • Reading Bear Free online vocabulary and reading concepts program. In addition, it teaches all the main phonetic patterns.
  • Epic! It is a digital library for 12 and under, making books easily accessible. Read the best books for early readers on Epic!& get access to more than 40,000 amazing childrens books.
  • Kiz Phonics Excellent progressive program for teaching kids to read using a systematic phonics approach.
  • Teach Your Monster to Read A game that lets kids go from reading letters and sounds to reading full sentences.
  • Reading Eggs Online games and activities that are fun and rewarding to help kids learn to read.
  • Starfall This wildly popular website and app lets kids read, play, learn, and grow.
  • Reading Kingdom Online K-3 reading program the first program to use the groundbreaking Phonics-PLUS system.
  • Progressive Phonics All-in-one reading program that is easy, fun, and FREE.
  • Reading Rockets Readers build phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.
  • Monitoring Progress: Individualized Reports

    Progress is important and parents want to see results they need to know that the program is not only benefiting their child but its also helping to advance their child to the next level.

    How can parents ensure that an online reading program is working to address literacy needs? Readability provides reading reports for each child to track progress parents also can set reading goals for their child . The program also shows parents how their child has improved over time.

    These individualized reports and goal setting functions help parents understand the benefits of the program and each childs progress.

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    The 10 Best Online Reading Programs

    The availability of online study materials has transformed not only how students learn in the classroom, but also the ways in which their parents can help them learn at home. Whether its teaching or reviewing the basics in the evening, or seeking out the best resources for homeschooling, online resources are a game changer in child literacy and instruction. Indeed, recent studies have shown that students who work on basic literacy skills at home, during the earliest years of their pre-school and elementary school education, are up to 56 percent more successful on standardized literacy tests during their late elementary school years and during middle school.

    In fact, students whose parents played an active role in their literacy education were more likely to read at least 10 books per year and more likely to show high levels of comprehension and literacy in other subject areas, including mathematics. These results help to clarify the importance of working with young students on reading and comprehension from an early age, and there are many online tools available that make this process even easier and more exciting. The best tools have been ranked below.

    Could Your Child Benefit From An Online Reading Program

    Online Reading Program and Games for Kids (Reading Kingdom Review 2013 ...

    Looking for the right program is necessary for parents who have children with reading difficulties, but how does a parent know when intervention at home is necessary?

    Most schools perform reading assessments that help parents understand their childs reading level. These reports also help catch reading deficits that need to be addressed both in the school setting and possibly at home.

    Not all kids who lag behind in reading qualify for classroom literacy intervention programs, however. A child who is mildly struggling might not qualify for additional intervention in school qualifications for special programs may vary by school district.

    Parents can opt to help kids at home with online reading intervention programsto help boost comprehension and phonetic understanding. Even if children are receiving additional help in the classroom, at-home programs can provide additional support to aid struggling readers.

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    The 5 Best Programs To Teach Your Child To Read: Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons Reading Eggs Teach Your Monster To Read And Hooked On Phonics

    The best programs to teach your child to read. Reading Eggs, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, Teach Your Monster to Read, and Hooked on Phonics are among the 5 best programs to teach your child to read. And yes, we feel Teach Your Child to Read is also an excellent choice! Since we have what we think is a great program, you might be wondering why I’m promoting these OTHER programs, too.Good question!The simple answer is, our goal is for all children to learn to read. Every child is different, and every family is different. The best reading program for kids is the one that works for YOUR child, and you are the best person to decide which one that is.No single program will work for every child, which is why it’s so critical that parents evaluate each reading program, take advantage of free trials, and let your child weigh in. However, we do feel it’s important to use a phonics-based approach, so keep that in mind as you read on. Check out ‘ASK MOM’ in Fredericksburg Parent & Family magazine for parenting advice!Helicopter Mom?

    Money Matters: Whats The Budget

    Researching an online reading program for kids does mean also researching the cost of the program. Not every program or app is financially viable for every budget. Reading programs can be found in many different formats and price points.

    Parents might want to look at their budget to see what they can reasonably afford. Some families may want to budget per month, others may want to simply pay for a program up front. Readability, for example, requires a monthly subscription. Parents will be billed the same price every month.

    Online reading programs may be more affordable than a private tutor. Parents may wish to compare these options to find the best reading enrichment solution for their child. Readability offers a built-in AI tutor that assists children with pronunciation and asks questions related to comprehension. While there isnt a tutor sitting next to the child, there is a tutor within the program!

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    Sing The Alphabet Song

    Most parents know the alphabet song. This is a song that has been passed down for generations, and its also a fun way to help children learn their letters and the alphabet.

    Learning the sounds of letters and identifying letters on sight is an early part of learning to read. Children cant decode words if they dont know the alphabet.

    Parents also can find different variations of the alphabet song via YouTube. Turn on some alphabet videos and have fun singing the songs with preschoolers and teaching them the letters.

    K5 Learning For Reading

    Reading Eggs is the Perfect Home Learning Support | Online Learning Program keeps kids up-to-date

    One of the things that originally made K5 Learning unique was its founding members: parents. When the company was founded, virtually all literacy tools were marketed exclusively to schools and sold on a volume license basis, making it nearly impossible for parents and homeschoolers to take advantage. The companys original mission was to democratize this process, bringing high-end, highly effective phonics and literacy tools to early learners across the country, whether they were at home or at school.

    In the two decades that have elapsed since the founding of K5 Learning, the companys reading and basic literacy program has become one of the best options on the market for both schools and homes around the world. In fact, the K5 Learning program in reading was recently named the best such program in the country by a leading educational publication. The program is designed by a coalition of parents, ESL teachers, and literacy experts, along with early childhood educators who design interactive lessons compatible with Internet browsers and mobile devices. As a result, it easily tops the rankings for the best at-home literacy and reading program available to parents in the United States and around the world.

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    Read Aloud To Your Child

    Reading to your kids will help them become better readers. A bedtime story isn’t just a way to bond and relaxit also helps your child’s cognitive development, vocabulary, and comprehension, among many other benefits. Children who engage in early literacy activities like read-aloud storytime with their families will have an easier time learning to read when they reach school age.

    If you want some pointers on the whys and hows of reading aloud, check out Jim Trelease’s Read-Aloud Handbook. Originally released in 1982, this classic guide has been revised and updated through the years. It answers questions like why you should read aloud and when you should start, and it includes a list of recommended books.

    Best Reading Websites For Kids

    You want your kids to stay on top of their reading skills, whether theyre in school, on vacation, or home for the summer. Thankfully, reading websites can help keep kids engaged by providing interactive experiences that meet them at their grade level and boost their reading comprehension skills, from pre-k to grades K through 5 and up!

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    Working With Preschoolers At Home

    Preschoolers are usually between the ages of three and five. Theyre not quite ready for kindergarten, but they are learning new skills every day. At this age, parents may teach colors and numbers and, of course, the alphabet.

    Learning the alphabet introduces children to the letters that make up every word. And when teaching the alphabet, parents also can emphasize the sounds of each letter. Try these activities to help children learn their sounds and alphabet!

    Guided Reading: Ai Assistance For Pronunciation Problems

    Reading Eggs: Award Winning Online Reading Program for Kids {Review ...

    Reading requires phonetic decoding, and this can be tough for some children to master. Phonetic issues could lead to comprehension issues if children arent able to correctly decipher words and phrases within the story.

    The best online reading programs should offer integrated assistancea virtual reading tutor! AI capabilities prompt young readers when they stumble over a word, helping them correctly identify mistakes so they can continue on with the story. These prompts ensure children develop a better phonetic understanding to further advance their reading level.

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    Benefits Of Reading Programs

    When children participate in reading programs, it encourages them to make reading a habit. Teaching reading in a fun way inspires children to become life-long readers. Also, the activities in reading programs can encourage reluctant readers to participate.

    Summer reading programs generate interest in books and help children keep their reading skills when school is out. Getting one-on-one help over the summer can help struggling students catch up with their peers and even get ahead of the game.

    Asd Readings Unique Instruction Methods

    All children can use the program-even those who are non-verbal.

    Uses graphics, audio and animation to reinforce meaning.

    Links written and spoken language so that one reinforces the other.

    Provides customized instruction that adapts to each child.

    Systematically assesses a child’s skills and overcomes errors.

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    Why Reading Websites Are Helpful For Learning

    Technology now plays an important role in boosting childrens literacy skills, and reading websites can provide your kids with a wide variety of stories that can engage them no matter how often their interests change. Even if your kids are into monster trucks one week and Olympic athletes the next, online reading programs provide young learners with the stories they want at a level that makes sense for them.

    Struggling readers or even avid readers can practice reading with the help of reading websites and online reading resources. They can help supplement at home what your child learns in their English and Language Arts classes in school. Teachers, you can also implement these reading resources into your classroomfor both native English speakers and English-Language Learners ! Reading websites are a fantastic way to deliver fun reading material for kids, including the most popular books.

    Lets take a look at some of the best reading websites and reading apps for children:

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