Spring Stem Activities For Preschoolers

Leaf And Flower Banners

3 Spring STEM Activities for Preschoolers

With so many opportunities to understand the colors you can find in flowers, heres one that makes use of that knowledge to create spring banners.

Using white fabric, flowers, leaves, hammers, and some good old fashioned elbow grease, youll get some beautifully abstract finished products.

The banners make great gifts for teachers or grandparents in the spring!

Harness the power of the spring wind with this make it move challenge.

Youll need matchbox cars, some tinker supplies and a level table.

Allow your kids to create several different prototypes using the cars as the base and determine which one captures the wind power the best. If your kids are competitive, this activity lends itself to fun races during their explorations.

Why Is Steam Learning Important

Im a big fan of STEM learning for kids because I think it helps to create a well-balanced approach to learning.

Its no secret that kids tend to like to do the same things over and over so combining a bunch of STEM activities means that theyll be able to try out different activities to see what they like.

+ Stem Spring Activities And Free Stem Challenges

Im really excited about this brand new printable STEM Spring activities list! This printable is filled with all kinds of ideas for incorporating science, technology, engineering, and math in your learning adventures this Spring. Make them STEM challenges all season long or just pick out a few fun STEM activities to try out. Plus, all these activities can be done at home on a rainy day or in the classroom for extra learning fun with your students.

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Straws Circle Paper Planes

These are not your traditional Paper Plane in that you DO need scissors, tape and most importantly a straw, but they are a fun simple science activity. As you can easily turn this circle paper plane how to into an exploration. the best thing about these planes however, is that they fly really well and in nice straight lines.. making them great for a game of catch .

STEM activity and high flying fun using only paper and a paper clip!

This leak proof bag science experiment is sure to WOW your kids! All you need is two household supplies and you can do this water experiment with your kids too.

Seed Germination Experiment For Kids

Spring STEAM Activities for Preschoolers

Growing seeds and beans is a science classic for a reason. The kids will learn about how plants grow, where food comes from and hopefully a little bit of healthy eating habits at the same time.

Ive done this experiment a few times with my kids and they just love looking at how the plants grow more and more each day.

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Spring Stem Activity Ideas

The weather is getting warmer and its the perfect time of year to get outdoors and bring STEM learning activities and STEM challenges with you. Spring is the perfect time to explore plants, bugs, and the weather with your kids.

The science, technology, engineering, and math ideas on this printable list are perfect for getting outside and learning with STEM activities this Spring.

Craft Stick Shape Mats

Here is another way to build shapes, using craft sticks. These shape mats are a free printable that you can download and use today. Best of all, the craft sticks are the exact size on the mats, so everything fits together seamlessly.

Get your copy of the free craft stick shape mats printable, and do a bit of math with your kids.

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Spring Steam Activities With Weather

The weather is a bit crazy in the springtime, but it makes for some amazing learning experiences!

Spring Science And Steam

3 Easy STEM Activities for Preschool & Kindergarten: Encourage Science, Tech., Engineering & Math

My kids are very interested in science and love doing science experiments, so I decided to scour the internet for the coolest spring science activities that I could find.

This way I have a list to turn to when we are looking for fun science experiments and STEAM activities to do this spring.

After lots of research, I compiled this awesome list of spring science activities for kids of all ages.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Steam Education

There are so many benefits that youre going to start noticing in your child. These spring STEM activities are a great place to start and to see if you notice a change.

First and foremost, youre going to notice an increase in the willingness and wanting to learn. If you have a child who is often distracted or just doesnt want to pay attention, activities like these are great. Theyll find a passion and excitement that they didnt know they had!

These spring STEM activities will also help to enhance their critical thinking skills. While theyre not hard to do, they do require a bit of thinking outside the box. This is because the kids are going to have to do a bit of creative thinking and activity to get to a point where theyre excited and understanding of how these types of projects works.

Last but not least, spring STEM activities will make them curious for even more learning. This is huge when it comes to keeping kids active and interested in the learning process! Can you imagine the kids actually asking and wanting to do more school? How much fun, right?!

Now is the time to download this simple printable! Its packed full of fun Spring STEM activities that the kids are going to want to get started on right away!

Jellybean Stop Motion Video

Are you looking for a creative way to use that leftover Easter candy? Try making a stop motion video!

Using a foam board, jellybeans, and a stop-motion app, such as Lapse It Pro, bring the candy to life.

The activity works best for older kids, but younger ones can get in on the fun by sorting through the jelly beans and making the pictures. Its fine motor work, science, math, and technology all in one!

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A Few Of Our Own Preschool Free

Building Challenge Wrap-Up: Have the kids come together to share the photos of their flower creations. Invite the kids to explain why they decided to construct their flower in the manner they chose. If any of the kids made improvements to their initial designs, ask them to share why the improvements were necessary. In the photo above, the student initially had too many playdough petals on his flower. The flower was heavy and caused his construction to topple over. The child reduced the amount of playdough used for the flower portion what a beautiful flower he designed! As the kids look at the various photos, ask students what they would change in their own flower design if they had the opportunity to do the challenge again. STEM challenges in preschool invite kids to think critically, play, gain new knowledge, and explore how that knowledge can be used in the future.

We hope your own kids enjoy playing and learning with STEM challenges! For more SPRING STEM activities from The Early Childhood Education Team, please check out the awesome suggestions below!

Spring FLOWER STEM Investigation from Life Over Cs

Your kids might also enjoy:

Lavender Pre-Writing free flower printable with a sensory paint idea for playful learning!

Non Newtonian Fluid Science Activity

Spring STEM: Building a Bird

The non-Newtonian fluid in this play idea is also called Oobleck. Oobleck has the wonderful characteristic of changing form when pressure is applied.

Confused? Basically, when you push down hard on oobleck, it becomes hard and feels solid. But if you let it go and just hold it in your hand, it will flow like a liquid.

Can you imagine what a great time your kids will have playing with this amazing stuff? Learn how to make oobleck here.

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Supplies For Fun Spring Stem Steam Activities

Keep these supplies on hand when doing your spring STEM projects. You dont need all of these supplies, but youll find they come in handy when doing your spring STEM activities at home or in the classroom.

Look for spring STEM kits that make these activities even easier!

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Spring Steam Activities For Kids

The season of Spring is a great time to start fresh with new STEAM projects and activities. Spring is just the thing our classrooms need bright cheery imagery, warmer weather, and rainbows! You can add flowers and birds into your arts and crafts lessons. Study the changes in spring and with the weather especially rain and rainbows. You can even witness plants springing back to life and animals and bugs returning.

Spring encourages a bunch of new topics for your class to study. To get ready for the new season, Ive gathered 22 spring STEAM activities for kids that are perfect for the primary classroom.

Proud to Be Primary Spring Butterfly Directed Drawing

This butterfly directed drawing is the perfect art project for your class this spring. Not only does it work on following directions, but students will also get to explore their creativity as well as symmetry and asymmetry.

Proud to be Primary Spring Science Worksheets

These free printable worksheets are perfect for any spring lesson plan. They cover parts of a caterpillar, the life cycle of a frog, chickens, and butterflies. This is only a small sampling of what I have to offer in my full Spring Life Science Bundle.

Kitchen Counter Chronicle Dyeing Carnations Science Experiment

Everyone loves some fun color science! This dying carnations activity will be exciting for students all day long. They will be able to see the change in the flowers colors the entire day and its complete transformation the next morning.

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Sorting Parts Of A Flower

For this project, you will need…

  • Three clear cups labeled stems leaves and petals

  • Parts of flowers

This activity is quick to set up and easy for preschoolers to explore. All you will need to do is set out separated flowers and flower parts alongside some clear cups for children to sort the parts into. For children who are still learning to read, youll want to help them get started by placing a few examples in the cups to demonstrate.

This activity helps children practice an important foundational math skill: sorting! Sorting helps children classify items, recognize and create patterns, and compare for similarities and differences, all of which will help children prepare for math success as they get older! for more detailed instructions for this activity from Play, Teach, Repeat.

What Stem Activities Are Good For Spring

STEM in Early Learning: Engineering with the Three Little Pigs

These awesome spring STEM activities below are great for a range of kids from ages 3 to at least 9 to 10! Think preschool, kindergarten, and elementary age kids.

Most spring STEM activities can be adapted to fit your kids unique interests, needs, and abilities with just a bit of tweaking. You can make all of these spring STEM activities and plant experiments work for you!

If you have kids who love to explore, discover, get dirty, create, tinker, and build, this is the STEM resource for you! However, if you are new to STEM or science, technology, engineering, and math, we have a few additional STEM resources you can check out below.

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Diy Pirate Ship: Stem Challenge

This engineering challenge is perfect for elementary school children. All you need to do is give them a few basic materials and tell them to build their own boat.

I spent hours as a kid building my own forts in the backyard. Tying the sticks together, and hating when it was not tight enough.

So let your kids build their own ship in the backyard this summer. Youll have pirates running around all holiday.

Stem Activities For Spring

Lots of these Spring STEM activities include free printables to make your project even easier to put together. Let little hands explore these activities, and then use the printables to accompany them or to track your results!

Science in Spring is a vast category. We talk about weather science, rainbows, new plant growth, the life cycle, animals and insects, and more each Spring and these activities fit right in with that theme.

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Try The Egg Drop Challenge

This idea from the Childrens Science Center, is egg-cellent! Gather your family and construct a contraption to protect an egg from breaking when dropped from a high height. You can pick the materials, but youll most likely want to have tape, cardboard, cotton, straws, string, paper and of course, eggs. Each person or team gets to try their hand at creating a protective contraption! Drop them all from the same height and see which eggs survive the impact. If you have younger children, you might want to try this simpler version.

How To Organize Spring Stem Activities For Kids

Counting with Flowers

We like to set up learning centers that children can rotate between throughout the week. I keep the materials for each station in closed Tupperware containers to not distract the children during other parts of our learning day.

During center time, The children choose what center to start at and I rotate between stations observing and assisting. If there is a different adult in the room, I will often as them to assist with the messiest or most complicated station.

Some children may opt to build egg sculptures every day I encourage children to try every station, but do not make it mandatory. Some teachers require children to try each learning station once before doing one a second time. No matter what you choose, stay consistent.

Routines help young children know what to expect.

Spring STEM vocabulary

  • Absorb to soak up
  • Weight how heavy or light an object is
  • Compare to look closer at two or more objects to see what is the same or different
  • Ruler a tool for measuring how long or short something is.
  • Scale a tool for measuring how heavy or light something is.
  • Sphere a 3 dimensional circle shape, a ball

STEM activities are designed to be hands on explorations with open ended endings. Most often they incorporate two or more subject areas. A science experiment with a fixed outcome is great for learning, but not necessarily a true STEM challenge.

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Exciting Creative Spring Stem Activities For Kids

Save this idea for later so you don’t forget to use it!

If you just cant wait for that warmer weather, but cant possibly go another season without adding a seasonal element to your STEM activities, then try these spring STEM activities that will delight all kids!

There is so much fun science that emerges during the spring. New plants, new animals, rainbows, weather, flowers, and more!

Spring is one of the best times to learn using spring STEM projects, and kids will have a blast learning and playing outdoors and hands-on after spending all winter cooped up in the cold classroom and house.

Use these spring STEM projects to make learning fun in your classroom or your own home!

Youll have a blast and learn something, too!

Metamorphosis Spring Stem Activities For Kids

Watching a living creature go through metamorphosis is something children will never forget. This experiment is one that I have done at home and in the classroom and is one that will stay with me forever. The learning and engagement from this STEM activity is unbelievable.

A free workbook for children to fill out as they do the experiment is included. This experiment is easier then you may think. Mealworms are available at most pet stores.

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Stem Questions For Reflection

These STEM questions for reflection are perfect to use with older kiddos to talk about how the project went and what they might do differently next time around. Use these questions for reflection with your kids after they have completed one of the STEM challenges below to encourage discussion of results and critical thinking.

  • What were some of the challenges you discovered along the way?
  • What worked well and what did not work well?
  • What part of your model or prototype do you really like? Explain why.
  • What part of your model or prototype needs improvement? Explain why.
  • What other materials would you like to use if you could do this challenge again?
  • What would you do differently next time?
  • What parts of your model or prototype are similar to the real world version?
  • Teach Your Kids To Code With A Deck Of Cards

    Preschool Science Experiment (STEAM/STEM)

    This SUPER SIMPLE coding game for kids is east to set up and requires no prep. Use it to introduce kids to coding and to teach basic coding skills.

    Have kids build to the moon using only a few simple materials!

    These car STEM experiments are an excellent way to introduce your kids to the wonders of physics.

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    Spring Stem Activities For Elementary Students

    Jump to Section

  • Spring Engineering Activities
  • These fun spring STEM activities will make any learning adventure a lot more fun. Kids will have a blast learning with these hands-on STEM tools.

    Add in fun STEM elements alongside every learning activity you do this spring! Youll be ready for the best year of learning yet!

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