Themes For September For Preschool

Day 5 Circle Time: Colorful Teddy Bear Print Out The Large Black And White Teddy Bear That Has Circles On It Print It Onto Cardstock Paper And Glue On Two Googley Eyes Put On A Circle Sticker For A Nose And Draw On A Smile And Then Tape It To Your Magnetic Board Metal Door Metal Pan Etc You Will Need 19 Pompoms Cardstock Paper Hot Glue And Magnetic Tape Directions: Cut The Magnetic Tape And Hot Glue To The Pompoms Place All The Pompoms Into A Sturdy Plastic Bowl And Have The Children Fish For A Pompoms With A Magnetic Bingo Wand Have Them Remove One Of The Pompoms From The Bingo Wand And Tell You What Color It Is And Then Have Them Place The Pompom Onto One Of The Circles On The Teddy Bear Continue Until The Teddy Bear Is Filled Then Remove The Pompoms And Repeat Until The Children Tire Of This Activity If You Do Not Have A Bingo Wand They Usually Sell Them At Wal

Planning for Toddler and Preschool March Themes

Step-by-step daily lesson plans for each month purchased

Activities to teach children their numbers, letters, shapes and colors

Four activity calendars one for each week of curriculum activities for each month purchased

Four curriculum posters one for each week of themed curriculum for each month purchased four

Daily routines promoting thinking, talking, counting, observing, and reflecting

Some plans present basic skills while others concentrate on pre-math, pre-reading or science

25 to 41 pages of content PLUS! Printable games, craft patterns, coloring pages, work sheets and activities to download from our website

Our preschool curriculum has a circle time, art project, learning activities, printable games, craft patterns, work sheets, coloring pages, activity sheets, words to songs and finger rhymes included in each month of themes purchased. Our preschool curriculum is designed to promote school readiness skills help develop good manners, strength of character and social skills and to foster creative play.


Our preschool program will help build a child’s Self-Esteem Our program includes songs, games, and activities that will help the child learn and feel good about themselves. After a few months the children will gain a strong understanding of themselves and their environment around them.

LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT SKILLS:TESTIMONIALS:Bear Work Sheet Bear Letters Writing Page Feather Match Up

Alphabet Theme For Preschool

  • Letter of the Week Crafts are a fun way to help preschoolers remember the alphabet and practice phonemic awareness. to get your letter of the week printable crafts for preschool learners.
  • Other fun ways to practice learning the alphabet letters and sounds with preschoolers include Have Fun Teachings letter song series available for free on Youtube.
  • Then, enjoy a fun alphabet book with your little learners.Chicka Chicka Boom Boom has always been a big hit around here.

Fun Teaching Ideas For September Preschool Themes

Themes are a great way for teachers to bring everything together and keep students engaged in learning. They also help teachers save time in their planning because they incorporate all the subjects under one themed lesson and reinforce the concept in multisensory ways.

In this guide we have gathered the best lesson plans, activities and crafts to help you create a month of fun activities for September. All of these ideas are broad enough that you will be able to touch on many different aspects and your students will be able to understand how all the activities connect.

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Johnny Appleseed Preschool Activities

  • Johnny Appleseed is our favorite version of this loveable tall tale. Enjoy it together with your preschoolers and theyll soon fall in love with this American legend too.
  • Plant apple seeds with your preschooler and observe them as they begin to grow. Its an excellent science project for little learners.

Its Not About The Cuteness Factor

September bulletin board

It might seem cute to have a farm theme because the kiddos will look darling wearing overalls in the dramatic play center, but cute isnt the point. If your class isnt remotely interested in really learning about the farm, theres no real point in planning a farm them.

What are some of your favorite themes to teach? I have to admit, my favorite tends to change based on what the kids are into. Their enthusiasm tends to drive my own enthusiasm!

In addition to Fun-A-Days preschool themes, I have a treasure trove of ! Pop on over and see what catches your fancy.

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What Are Good Preschool Themes

The best preschool themes are those that preschoolers are interested in and can relate to! Children are very concrete, so its best to choose concrete themes that will allow hands-on and real-life learning experiences. Themes make it easy for teachers to integrate content across various subject areas.

Grandparents Day & Family

Grandparents Day is the 2nd Sunday in September. This is a time to celebrate and honor grandparents throughout the nation. Learn how your students can show their grandparents and other family members how much they appreciate them with a variety of thoughtful crafts and activities. A great way to extend this theme is to incorporate your studentâs family. Create projects for family members and learn how your students can honor them too.

A fun idea to encourage your students to celebrate and honor their grandparents is to have a grandparent luncheon. Have the students create crafts as gifts and ask the parents to provide the snacks.

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Our Favorite Craft Supplies

When creating these cute crafts for preschoolers, you are probably going to want to stock up on some supplies.

These craft supplies are perfect for crafting with young kids. While not each of them is used in the crafts below, they are all staples in our craft bin. If you dont have any on hand, that might be ok. Take a look at the craft first to see whether or not you need them.

  • Construction Paper One of our favorite craft supplies.
  • Cardboard Perfect for using up all those boxes you get in the mail!
  • Craft Sticks or popsicle sticks A classic staple, use them in your craft or to mix paint.
  • Kid-Friendly paint Kids love to get messy! Check out our favorite tips for painting with young children.
  • Googly Eyes You can literally add them to any project and it instantly becomes cuter.
  • Tissue Paper We always have this on hand. Buy it new or use or save it from birthday parties and holidays.
  • Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Rolls A great way to recycle your paper tubes is to use them in crafts!
  • Paper Plates Grab this party supply to create fun crafts.
  • Contact Paper We use this a lot to create suncatcher crafts
  • Pipe Cleaners Their bendy and hold their shape, which makes for some fun creating!
  • Coffee Filters This inexpensive item is fun to create with.
  • Pom Poms Fluffy and always fun.
  • Egg Cartons Recycle these into fantastic crafts!
  • Puffy Paint Makes great snow!!
  • Paper Bags Using this recycled supply is a fun way to make puppets.

A Month Of Fall Kids Activities For September

Learn About the Calendar | Ready for Preschool | Disney Junior

Our free monthly kids activity planner is here to make this back to school time of year easier. Just click the image and you have a month of activities all planned out for you! No scouring the internet or putting together a lesson plan for the month.

Weve done all the work for you! You just need to gather your supplies and get busy playing!

See below for a month of fun activities!

Heres the list of each activity in the calendar covering every day in September:

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Books Perfect For September Learning

Dont miss Fireboat in this lineup of wonderful fall selections.

  • The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall
  • What Makes the Seasons? by Megan Montague Cash
  • Growing Apples and Pumpkins by Amy and Richard Hutchings
  • The Life and Times of the Apple by Charles Micucci
  • The Honey Makers by Gail Gibbons
  • Hurry and the Monarch by Antoine O Flatharta and Meilo So
  • The Art Lesson by Tomie dePaola
  • A Weed is a Flower by Aliki
  • Curious George by HA Rey
  • Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina
  • Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey by Maira Kalman

How To Pair Preschool Themes With Foundational Content

The Complete Daily Lessons in Preschool Literacy & Math Curriculum has everything you need to teach your preschoolers literacy and math in a fun and engaging way, without all the boring worksheets!The curriculum uses proven, systematic strategies to teach reading and math fundamentals. Use this curriculum as your base in preschool and then supplement with fun preschool thematic activities.

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Paper Plate Apple Lacing Craft

This paper plate lacing craft is a fun way to create a cute little craft and allow fine motor skills. Attach the cute little worm to the end of the string and let him guide his way through the apple. This would be a fun craft to pair with The Very Hungry Caterpillar book.

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An Example Of Preschool Education Themes Unit

September Preschool Themes

This is a basic outline of what a thematic unit about plants might include:

  • reading books about plants
  • learning about the letter p
  • discussions about caring for the earth and environment
  • caring for plants by planting and tending a flower or garden
  • observing and measuring a seeds growth
  • counting and sorting seeds
  • comparing different types of plants on a nature walk
  • singing songs about plants

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Back To School Week 1 & 2

During first two weeks of the school year I like to keep the environment very basic. Children are getting used to the new place, friends, rules and teacher. Starting pre-school is the next step in their life and very often it is quite hard for them, as they are separated from their parents for the first time. Activities There is still warm outside and some of us have just come.

Talk Like A Pirate Day Activities

  • Make soap with hidden treasures for your preschooler to discover using this easy recipe. Then, practice important hygiene skills together like proper handwashing.
  • Watch Treasure Islandtogether and get excited about pirates and buried treasure with your preschool learners.

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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

When it comes to our all-time favorite books, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom would consistently make the top of that list.

Within this adorable, rhythmic story, your students will learn the names of the letters of the alphabet and then, when youre all done reading, you can break out a number of different alphabet activities that will extend the fun of learning at the top of the coconut tree.

Fall And Autumn Activities

Preschool Back to School Planning – Step 1: Themes
  • Explore my list of more than 40 exciting Fall preschool themes filled with fun learning activities, lesson plans, and printable bundles you can use to explore Autumn with your little learners this year.

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Explore Preschool Education Themes

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a theme for a preschool unit. Dinosaurs, winter, and farm themes are always popular, but you might be surprised at how much your preschoolers will love bridges, color theory, or deserts, too.Here is a list of our most popular preschool themes. Click on the link to be taken to the archives of activities and printables for preschool and kindergarten themed lessons.

Stuffed Paper Apple Lacing Craft

If you need a fun and cute project to help with fine motor skills, this apple lacing craft is ideal! Use recycled brown grocery bags and hole punch the edges and begin lacing. After lacing, you can stuff the apple with newspaper. Let students paint the outside as well. This activity could also be prepped for students to make it an easier craft.

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What Is Thematic Teaching

A theme is a preschool topic that is explored in the classroom in multiple ways. Teaching by theme keeps a childs learning focused on a broad touching on specific knowledge within the umbrella topic. Most preschool teachers agree that thematic units provide one of the best avenues for integrating content areas. This is important because integrating content among subject areas helps children make sense of otherwise segmented bits of knowledge. It helps them make connections to transfer knowledge, they learn and apply it in meaningful ways.

Back To School Preschool Activities

September handprint calendar

We cant get through September without thinking about Back to School Activities and Ideas for preschoolers! Looking for some back to school year inspiration, teachers? I have a huge selection of open and go resources that makes your busy life a whole lot easier all you need is a printer! Try these perfect for preschool printables including: fine motor skill activities, Letter of the Week printables, and !

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A Years Worth Of Preschool Themes For Your Classroom

Neelabja Adkuloo

How many times have you heard its important to mix preschool learning with fun? As a preschool teacher, probably a million times. But who says you cant do both at once?

At this age, your students are thrilled about exploring. Which is why teaching them with preschool themes has tons of creative and cognitive advantages. Lets unwrap the effectiveness of themes for preschool. You also get access to a years worth of preschool classroom themes your students will love!

At this age, your students are thrilled about exploring. Which is why teaching them with preschool themes has tons of creative and cognitive advantages. Lets unwrap the effectiveness of themes for preschool. You also get access to a years worth of preschool classroom themes your students will love!

Faith Themes In The Month Of September: Ordinary Time Continues

We love St. Michael so the Feast of the Archangels is a favorite here. Defend us in battle

  • The Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary Enjoy one or more of these activities.
  • The Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross Make cross-shaped cinnamon sticks for tea time today.
  • Michaelmas/The Feast of the Archangels Make Devils Food cake! We like to top ours with St. Michael with his sword.

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Grandparents Day Preschool Activities

  • Make cards for grandparents with your preschool learners. Its a great way to practice handwriting skills with young children while learning important lessons about gratitude and kindness.
  • Make a handprint craft with your little learners. Grandparents love handprint crafts! Its a nice way kids can create something special for them while having fun and learning too.
  • Read My Grandparents Love Me . The rhyming verse in this book will help preschoolers practice reading comprehension as they remember the lines and retell the story to grandparents.

Important Things You Need To Know About Preschool Themes

Toddler and Preschool Fall Leaf Theme

If I havent mentioned this before, I am a big believer in preschool themes, as well as themes for other early childhood classrooms. Below are the various themes on Fun-A-Day so far, as well as some important things you need to know about using themes in the early childhood classroom.

  • Its not about the cuteness factor.
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    Interesting Preschool Themes For School Or Home Learning + Ideas

    Although themes are not necessarily required for effective learning, using them when teaching children can be a good way to organize and present content.

    Working with preschool themes gives teachers and parents a handy framework in which to plan and find ideas.

    And kids can also begin to see connections as they sing songs, enjoy books, and take part in various projects and activities that are all related to the current theme.

    You can find both fiction and informational childrens literature to enhance and support all these topics.

    When planning themes for children, especially if they are very young, its usually best to start with themes about the children as individuals, leading to those about families and neighborhoods.

    Then expand to the broader world around your kids, and finally to the earth at large. The ideas presented in this article are listed roughly in this order. Some could easily fit into various spots, as well.

    A particular theme can span a week or even a month this is up to you and could vary, depending on the length of time to which a particular topic lends itself.

    Here are 100 theme ideas:

    Music Activities For Preschoolers

    • Use playsilks and beanbags to play musical games like freeze dance and musical chairs to teach your preschoolers about music in a fun hands-on way this Fall.

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